Alternative Medicine / Natural Supplements -- Pharmaceutical Grade/Quality

Alternative Medicine / Natural Supplements -- Pharmaceutical Grade/Quality

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Alternative Medicine / Natural Supplements -- Pharmaceutical Grade/Quality
by Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Research Scientist/Author

Most people (particularly in the Western World) have grown-up on processed / agribusiness non-organic foods.  As a result of, and example of nutritional deficiency, impaired digestive systems (among a multitude of other health issues) are the norm.  This has a significant effect on our overall health.  And, when combined with "Big Pharma" telling us their drugs will solve health concerns makes health matters even worse.

SmartBodyz Nutrition respects commercial and MLM supplement companies for helping bring recognition to the natural/alternative medicine field.  However, we regularly discover problems with pricing and quality control issues associated with most commercial and MLM companies:

  • Alternative/Natural Medicine -- Most commercial and MLM supplement companies do not use pharmaceutical quality ingredients.  Food grade is bought daily on the open market by most commercial supplement companies looking for the absolute "bottom dollar" without regard to quality.  As a result, the consumer is fed inferior product containing unnecessary, binders, fillers, etc.  Many of the companies are known to combine very low amounts of beneficial nutrients and high amounts of harmful toxic compounds such as coal tars, arsenic, lead, shellac, etc.  Food grade is their preferred choice since they spend most of their budget on advertising and marketing.  They cannot offer you quality product while spending thousands to millions of dollars on marketing and advertising.

  • Therapeutic Amounts -- Ingesting Nutritional Supplements in therapeutic amounts is paramount to your health -- Commercial products such as Theragran, Centrum, One-A-Day, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and more, are very expensive on a cost-per-gram basis.  In addition, multi-level companies such as Mannatech, Amway, Stanley, New Vision, etcetera, are expensive on a cost-per-gram basis.  Multi-level companies have to be able to pay many people in their down-lines ... and, they do it by charging more for their products.  As a result, people who ingest these products are typically eating a multiple number of nutrients that are therapeutically useless.

  • Commercial Varieties use "Short-Change Tactic" -- You are not getting the optimum amounts your body needs of all the micro-nutrients for the same price you pay for high quality products.  Most commercial varieties do not base their formulas on solid scientific evidence.  One aspect of high quality is a process used in manufacturing called High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) -- very clean supplements.  Independent laboratory analyses of a product line is of valuable consideration.  For more information on how commercial and multi-level companies operate, click here.

  • Micro-nutrients (vitamins and such) which are taken per recommendations drawn from valid scientific studies (in therapeutic amounts), are designed to support strong immune systems and high energy levels.  Most scientific studies use pharmaceutical grade/quality when evaluating/testing supplements -- the standard by which quality companies abide.  As a sad side-note, most people buy/consume inferior food grade product (grocery store, drug store, and health food store varieties).

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