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Creatine Monohydrate = Lean Muscle Mass
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Pounds of Muscle Mass in 1 Month & References
Reprinted by permission from Smart Eats, Smart Supplements and Smart Exercise
Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Research Scientist/Author

Editors Note:  This was written in 1995 and I have edited it over the years, so, the core information still applies today.

Creatine monohydrate is a supplement that mostly bodybuilders and other athletes use to increase strength and speed of movement.  I encourage everyone to use it --  particularly the elderly.  It is naturally found in red meat and replenishes adenosine triphosphate (ATP)ATP is the powerhouse of the muscle cell.  Significant muscular growth and, hence, strength can be achieved within two weeks when using this supplement as suggested below -- with or without exercise, however, exercise significantly enhances the benefits.

The exercising muscle continually uses its creatine stores at a fast rate -- much faster than sedentary muscles.  You would have to eat five to six pounds of beef per day to get the amount the supplemental form provides.

It is one of the 90 plus supplements our foods are not supplying in adequate amounts

Another bonus of supplementation is that it combines with phosphorus to help buffer lactic acid buildup.  Lactic acid is the waste product of exercise that increases fatigue and muscular soreness.

Creatine facilitates muscle growth and, concurrently, strength in a short period of time.  As a result, you will:

(1)  Be able to perform better athletically,

(2)  Have a better chance of catching yourself if you fall, thus, avoiding injury,

(3)  Effortlessly perform menial tasks that were once a struggle,

(4)  Burn more calories at rest and while exercising due to your extra muscle mass and,

(5)  Have an even better looking body than you now have since muscle is prettier than fat (just my opinion, of course).

To dispel any myths, you will not:

(A)  Get huge (male or female) or,

(B)  Drop body fat if your caloric intake exceeds your expenditure.

Strength and Muscular Size/Growth Plateaus
Those of us who have been training with weights for years (not necessarily the bodybuilding regimen), reach plateaus.  My routine in the weight room for the past 5 years has remained consistent with very slow strength/size changes.  The routine involves six sets (designed to cover all the major muscle groups of the body) of 4-6 repetitions each set (strength training).  For each individual set (as usual for the past 5 years), I lifted as much weight as possible (high weight, low reps -- 4 to 6) and kept the same routine during the testing phase while taking this supplement.

November 21, 1994 was the beginning of the testing period at which time creatine consumption began.  After two weeks, my body weight went from 146 pounds to 152 pounds.  Body fat percentage stayed the same at 8.3 percent which I tested consistently.  Four weeks after first taking it, my weight went up two more pounds to 154, equating to eight pounds of muscle in approximately one month while body fat remained at 8.3 percent.

If you are heavier than I, you will most likely experience greater gains -- if lighter, less gains.  My workout weight (the max I could handle for each set) went up 20 percent from November 21, 1994 to December 17, 1994.  That's significant for anyone, athlete or not.

Your Daily Fare

  • Discontinuing creatine consumption will cause the muscle growth you experienced to decrease close to original size prior to taking it (takes about a week) -- even if you continue lifting.
  • Discontinuing creatine consumption along with stopping exercise will expedite muscle atrophy (degeneration or loss) even more.  Muscle atrophy occurs when a muscle is not exercised.  Example:  Perhaps you've observed a broken arm or such that is in a cast for a period of time -- the loss of size/strength is common.

Dropping Body Fat
As for lowering/dropping body fat, creatine may indirectly help you increase your metabolic rate -- more muscle on your frame = higher metabolic rate.  As a result, your body burns more calories 24 hours/day at work, play, and sleep.  Most people are surprised to learn that a 150 pound person burns 800-ish calories while sleeping 8-ish hours.

Gyrate Atrophy
On another note, one study examined the effects of creatine monohydrate on a muscular degenerative eye disease called gyrate atrophy of the choroid and retina which can lead to blindness.  Consuming creatine halted the progression of the disease and, as a surprise to the researchers, the subjects gained ten percent in lean body mass without exercising.  My point in mentioning this particular study is that it is possible for you to increase lean mass without exercise just by consuming creatine.  I, of course, do not advise abstaining from exercise, however, this information may be helpful to those who have muscular degenerative diseases that make exercise difficult.

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