Curcumin Spice's Role in Supporting the Health of Those Who Have Canc

Curcumin Spice's Role in Supporting the Health of Those Who Have canc

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Curcumin Spice's Role in Supporting the Health of Those Who Have Canc


Press Association

Scientists are hoping to discover how an ingredient used in curries can support the health of people who have been diagnosed with canc.

Canc researchers at Swansea University's School of Medicine and the city's Morriston Hospital have found that a constituent of turmeric, used to add flavour to meals, have found this unlikely herb beneficial.

Researchers from the school's Institute of Life Science investigated curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, for its ability to specifically block the protein NF-kappaB.

A group led by Professor John Baxter and Dr Gareth Jenkins obtained "promising data" showing that in cultured cells, curcumin actively inhibits the activity of the NF-kappaB protein.

The group found that increased NF-kappaB activity is linked to several renegade cells of the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract.

Work is being extended to assess the effect of curcumin supplementation on NF-kappaB activity in patients.

If the pilot study in patients shows similar results to the study using cultured cells, it will indicate that curcumin supplementation may have beneficial effects in patients.

Professor Baxter said:  "We have been trying to identify potential ways to suppress NF-kappaB activity and, ultimately, to block GI tract problems.  The curcumin discovery is a shot in the arm for our research."

The experimental cost of the project has been funded by Morriston Hospital's Research and Development Office.

Scientists across the world have long suspected that some elements of Indian food may be beneficial in the drive against canc.

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