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Terms and Conditions

Delivery To You
To make sure you receive your order, we put tracking or insurance on all packages regardless of the shipping method you choose.  And yes, we deliver to all addresses including PO Boxes.

Ordering on Friday after 12 noon through Monday before 12 noon central time constitutes the following situation:  The industry standard is --  Business days (holidays and weekends are not considered business days) for delivery start counting on Tuesday.  Tuesday would be day 1, Wednesday - day 2, Thursday - day 3, Friday - day 4, the next Monday - day 5, and so on.

If you choose 5-9 business days delivery and order after 12 noon on Thursday, day 1 would be Monday, day 2 Tuesday, and so on.  In this situation, ordering after noon on Wednesday is like ordering on Thursday before noon.  If you order before 12 noon central time on Thursday, day 1 would be Friday, day 2 Monday, and so on.

Return Policies
Only unopened product may be returned for a refund if we receive it back within 30 days of the date of purchase.  Opened product will not receive a refund.  We will refund shipping charges if product is defective or shipped as a result of our error -- otherwise, we do not refund shipping charges.  All refunds will be made in the form of a credit to your credit card or rebate check.  All refunds are performed at the end of the month that we receive the product back from you.

When returning product, the original receipt (or copy) is required so we can track who gets the  credit.  We are not responsible for returned product that is not accompanied with the original receipt (or copy).  Also, we suggest you use some form of tracking such as delivery confirmation or insurance so you have proof you sent it.  Returns are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.

SmartBodyz Nutrition makes every effort to safely secure and ship all packages but we understand that sometimes merchandise can be damaged during the shipping process.  Merchandise damaged during shipping should be reported to SmartBodyz Nutrition within 24 hours of receipt.  We will contact the shipping company for visual inspection of the merchandise and box.  We will then issue you credit for the amount of any confirmed damaged merchandise or re-ship you new product.

Returned Checks
We welcome and encourage payment by checks, however, understand that physically sending a check for payment takes a longer period of time for you to receive your product.  In comparison, funds are approved and released immediately when paying by credit card.  Checks that come back to us insufficient are charged an additional $20 to cover bank charges and processing fees.  We accept only money orders or cashiers checks for the $20 fee in addition to the insufficient check.

Back Orders
We regularly stock every item you see in our website. Although every attempt is made to maintain inventory of each product we carry, occasionally we run out of certain products due to unusually high demand. In this event, we will give you an estimated time of availability and give you the choice of canceling the out-of-stock items, holding off shipment of your entire order until the product is available, or receive a partial shipment of the in-stock items first and the out-of-stock items when they are available.  No additional shipping charges will be incurred for partial shipments.

Shipping Outside The USA
Most product we offer can be shipped to countries outside the USA.  However, there are some countries that will not let some product through to you.  Each country has different policies concerning natural medicine / supplements.  Policies can change without notice.  Therefore, we have no way of knowing what can and cannot be shipped to you.  If you order it, we ship it.  It is your responsibility for knowing your country's policies.  We are not responsible for product detained or confiscated by your country and therefore cannot give refunds in this case.  Please check with your country's customs office concerning the product you want before you purchase.

Canada, Italy, and France
We have been informed that Canada is confiscating product (particularly lysine, andro, and testosterone related products) on a random basis.  Italy and France Customs have always been problematic on simple things such as flax seed oil and protein.  Again, we are not responsible for product detained or confiscated by your country and therefore cannot give refunds in this case.

It has been reported to us that in 2001 some 1000 people were charged with importation of illegal drugs bought on the Internet with DHEA as one of the substances.  The claim is that DHEA is an illegal steroid (which it is not) -- it is a hormone.  As a result, we will not send anything with DHEA in it to Australia.  Also, it has been reported (4-15-03) that any product containing ma huang, ephedra, or ephedrine is illegal in Australia.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please call or email below.


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