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What Is DHEA 25 for Depression Support, Moods, Energy for Men, Women? Positive Side Effects - Pg2
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What Is DHEA 25?  Nutritional Supplements for Men and Women w/Positive Side-Effects - Page 2

New Research Substantiates the Anti-Aging Properties of DHEA
By Kirk Stokel

Enhance Your Mood ... Naturally
Depression often accompanies aging, frequently emerging in older individuals.16,17  Fortunately, what we now recognize is depression as an essentially physiological condition ... one that can be treated.  Low DHEA levels are known to render aging humans more vulnerable to depression in the presence of triggers such as rejection or isolation.18  What is considered negative emotional stimuli has been shown to lower DHEA levels even further.19

Supplementation with DHEA can powerfully support the mitigation of depression and its side effects.  A National Institute of Mental Health study of depressive men and women aged 45-65 years showed significant improvement over 6 weeks among those who took 90 mg of DHEA per day for 3 weeks and then 450 mg per day for 3 weeks, compared with placebo.7  The study also showed significant improvements in sexual functioning scores in supplemented patients, but not among control patients.

In a rare admission from the generally conservative National Institute of Mental Health, their conclusion was;  "We find DHEA to be an effective support nutrient for midlife-onset major and minor depression."  In addition, a set of studies found that DHEA improves both mood and energy while alleviating depression.20-22

Israeli researchers also demonstrated minimal effects on other hormonal profiles, alleviating concerns about adverse negative side effects with DHEA.23

What is considered a remarkable 2006 study that demonstrated reduction in depressive symptoms in an especially challenging population included patients with HIV/AIDS.24

Several 2009 studies revealed associations of low DHEA levels with a number of neuro-psychiatric conditions and were able to show that DHEA influences gene expression in the brain.25

 DHEA 25mg

For example, DHEA modulates expression of genes directly involved in appetite regulation, energy utilization, and alertness.26  Another study demonstrated that DHEA acted in synergy with the antidepressant fluoxetine (Prozac), leading researchers to suggest DHEA as a useful adjunct therapy for depression.27

Support for Aging Bones and Joints
A 2000 study demonstrated improved bone turnover, more marked in women than in men during a year-long study of daily 50 mg supplementation with DHEA.28  Bone turnover is the natural process by which the body replaces old bone from the skeleton and replaces it with what is new bone.  By 2003, laboratory evidence emerged suggesting that DHEA could potentially enhance joint function and ward off osteoarthritis (OA).2

DHEA treatment of cartilage tissue taken from patients with osteoarthritis increased production of healthy, flexible type II collagen protein, while reducing production of the less flexible type I collagen associated with scar formation.2  DHEA also modified the imbalance between cartilage-destroying enzymes and those that protect cartilage from damage.  These impressive positive side effects were the direct result of DHEA's capacity to favorably modulate what is considered gene expression.

DHEA's positive side effects on bone structure are no less significant.  A double-blind, randomized, controlled trial of 50 mg per day of DHEA administered orally versus placebo for 12 months showed improved hip bone mineral density (BMD) in older men and women with what is low DHEA-S levels.  Additional improvements in spine bone mineral density in women showed improvement.3,29

A larger study in 2008 showed that DHEA not only improved lumbar spine bone mineral density in women (not men) taking 50 mg per day for a year.  This larger study also reduced blood-borne markers of bone resorption,30 an important measure of overall bone health and bone aging.  Not surprisingly, the addition of vitamin D and calcium supplements to a DHEA regimen may afford further benefit.31

Warnings Information:

  • Keep out of reach of children,
  • Do not exceed recommended dose for maximum benefits,
  • If you have what is considered a bad reaction or negative side effects, discontinue use immediately,
  • When using DHEA supplements, please inform your physician.

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