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What Is DHEA?  Depression Support, Side Effects, Parasites, Skin Aging, Bones - Pg3
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What Is DHEA? Depression Support, Side Effects, Parasites, Skin Aging, Bone Strength - Page 3

New Research Substantiates the Anti-Aging Properties of DHEA
By Kirk Stokel


  • DHEA, the most common hormone precursor in the body, is intimately associated with youthful and healthy functioning across a range of physiological systems.
  • Levels of DHEA decline steadily with age, and low DHEA levels are associated with increased cardiovascular risk, diabetes, obesity, loss of vigor and sexual energy, depression, and even visible skin aging.
  • The most up-to-date scientific research indicates that DHEA can protect brain cells involved in memory function, alleviate depression, enhance mood, bone strength, bolster immunity, lower blood glucose, limit the complications of obesity and diabetes, support healthy cardiovascular function, and enhance sexuality at both the psychological and physical levels.
  • What is considered a moderate amount of DHEA, 50 mg per day may favorably alter gene expression to inhibit multiple factors implicated in metabolic syndrome, bone strength, enhance cognitive function and memory, and ward off osteoarthritis.
  • DHEA is also available in topical creams that has been shown to dramatically enhance the youthful appearance of aging skin.
  • Increases natural resistance to certain lethal parasites.
  • Individuals who have been diagnosed with any type of hormone-related canc should not supplement with DHEA.
  • Optimal Immune Strength and Anti-Viral Protection
    The precipitous age-related decline in DHEA/DHEA-S levels results in the immune deficiency we call immunosenescence.32  Supplementation with DHEA may beneficially modulate immunity33,34 to help combat debilitating age-related conditions through multiple, complementary pathways.

    DHEA has boosted immune function in blood cells taken from patients after major abdominal surgery.35  This action may help to prevent serious infections and promote healing.

    In the setting of dangerous infections and trauma in laboratory animals, DHEA and its metabolites markedly up-regulate host immune responses, modulate inflammation, and improve survival.36-38  In animal models, DHEA's ability to raise sex hormone concentrations to youthful levels also promoted wound healing.39

    DHEA also possesses significant antiviral properties.  It has blocked replication of several different, potentially deadly virus families in the laboratory more effectively and more selectively than the drug ribavirin.40,41

    A 2008 study showed that DHEA also increases natural resistance to certain lethal parasites, including Trypanosma cruzi (the cause of Chagas disease),42 a microorganism that causes death from heart disease and brain damage, particularly in immuno-compromised patients. Subsequent research conducted in 2009 found that DHEA supplementation reduced parasite levels, raised levels of defensive macrophage white blood cells, and increased levels of immune signaling interferons.43,44

    Among individuals stricken with autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, treatment with conventional corticosteroids not only over-suppresses the immune system, it can also promote bone resorption and catastrophic fractures.  DHEA has been shown to reduce expression of cytokines and other factors that lead to bone resorption in steroid-treated tissue, while still suppressing inflammation effectively.45

    There's good news for asthma and allergy patients who respond poorly to regular steroid usage as well.  DHEA is now known to suppress allergy-induced inflammatory cytokines in reactive airway cells while increasing the ratio of beneficial interferon to inflammatory cytokines -- highly significant advances in the management of this troubling condition.46

    Warnings Information:

    • Keep out of reach of children,
    • Do not exceed recommended dose for maximum benefits,
    • If you have what is a bad reaction or side effects, discontinue use immediately,
    • When using what is DHEA supplements for skin aging, depression support, bone strength, or parasites, please inform your physician.

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