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What Is DHEA 25 Side Effects for Mens/Womens Body Fat, Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease?
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What Is DHEA 25 Positive Side Effects for Men / Women's Coronary Heart Disease, Body Fat and Diabetes?  Page 4

New Research Substantiates the Anti-Aging Properties of DHEA
By Kirk Stokel

Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Body Fat
We've known for over a decade that DHEA protects against obesity and its side effects in aging and diabetic animals.47,48  In 2009, scientists confirmed that low DHEA levels in men were linked to diabetes and coronary heart disease.49  DHEA powerfully modulates gene expression to shift the metabolic balance in favor of energy utilization and away from storage as body fat.50

DHEA also activates gene expression of cellular machinery that affects a cells consumption of fats and sugars to remove them from circulation.51,52  These molecules help correct harmful lipid abnormalities and unhealthy body fat distribution -- a possible mechanism by which DHEA decreases total body fat.53,54

In 2007, researchers demonstrated in aged rats fed a high-fat diet that DHEA increased body protein while decreasing total caloric intake, body weight, body fat, and total size and number of fat cells.55

In a related experiment, researchers discovered that DHEA could change the composition of adipose tissue, boosting levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids while reducing harmful omega-6 fatty acids.56

A human study showed how powerful these DHEA positive side effects can modify body fat composition.4   When 52 elderly men and women took 50 mg per day of DHEA or placebo for 6 months, it reduced stubborn abdominal and subcutaneous body fat.  Insulin levels dropped significantly in supplemented patients as well, indicating enhanced insulin sensitivity.  The researchers concluded appropriately that DHEA replacement could play a role in prevention and treatment of the metabolic syndrome associated with abdominal obesity and/or body fat deposits.

DHEA is highly protective against diabetes and its complications.  In diabetic rats, DHEA prevented increases in oxidant stress and oxidative damage related to the disease.

DHEA supplements / Levels, Benefits, 15mg - Information/Dose

It also significantly improved blood vessel relaxation, improving blood flow.57  DHEA induces genes in muscle tissue that increase uptake and utilization of blood glucose as energy, significantly lowering blood sugar in diabetic animals.58  In humans with type 2 diabetes, DHEA counteracts oxidative imbalance and the formation of deadly advanced glycation end products (AGEs), and down-regulates the inflammatory TNF-alpha system effects that may prevent the onset and slow the progression of deadly diabetes.59

Cardiovascular and Coronary Heart Disease Defense
The past several years have witnessed extraordinary advances in our understanding of DHEA's cardio-protective power and its relationship to cardiovascular / heart disease and associated side effects.

A 2009 study of 153 diabetic men with stable coronary heart disease (CHD) found that 77% were DHEA-S deficient, significantly more than in healthy peers.60  Over the next 19 months of follow-up, 43 of those men died of CHD.  The data showed that low DHEA-S and low testosterone levels were two of the four most significant predictors of death.

Another 2009 study of 247 men with a mean age of 76 years revealed that those with low DHEA-S had a 96% increased risk of diabetes and a 48% increased risk of coronary heart disease.49

A 2009 study from the University of Pennsylvania discovered a surprisingly close relationship between mortality and the trajectory of DHEA-S decline in older adults.61  Specifically, a rapid or erratic decline in DHEA-S predicted earlier death, and both together increased the death rate by nearly threefold!  Regular blood testing for healthy DHEA-S levels are the only way to detect these lethal changes in DHEA levels early.  It is of paramount importance that you have your DHEA-S levels checked at least once a year.

A Mayo Clinic study found that DHEA supplementation (50 mg per day) in women with low DHEA levels and low adrenal function improved plasma DHEA content, significantly lowered total cholesterol, and tended to reduce triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels.62  But patients who supplemented DHEA also had reductions in their beneficial high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels.  This study suggests that long-term studies are needed to determine the impact of DHEA supplementation on cardiovascular risk in women with low adrenal function.

Additional support for DHEA's benefits in patients suffering from vascular disease came in two remarkable 2009 studies.63,64  The first examined vascular remodeling, a dangerous process that occurs when vessels are injured by atherosclerosis.63  Vascular remodeling can impede blood flow and ultimately worsen cardiovascular heart disease.65

DHEA significantly inhibited vascular remodeling and its side effects in a rabbit model of carotid artery injury and limited deadly buildup of smooth muscle in vessel walls.63  Another study of rabbits fed a high-fat diet showed that DHEA supplements restored oxidative balance, lowered lipid levels and inflammatory damage, and prevented heart muscle tissue death and dysfunction, delaying the onset of cardiac damage.64

Warnings Information:

  • Keep out of reach of children,
  • Do not exceed recommended dose for maximum benefits,
  • If you have a bad reaction or negative side effects, discontinue use immediately,
  • When using DHEA supplements for men and women's coronary heart disease, body fat and diabetes issues, please inform your physician.

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