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Diabetes - Prostacyclin, GLA/DHA, Chelation, Meditation, Acupuncture - P4
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Diabetes - Prostacyclin, GLA/DHA, Chelation, Meditation, Acupuncture - Pg 4
Reprinted by permission from Bill Faloon of The Life Extension Foundation

Prostacyclin Enhancers - Prostacyclin is a major vaso-protective molecule that is central to the pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathy.  Commonly used painkillers and anti-inflammatory agents interfere with the production of prostacyclin, adding to its inadequate supply in most diabetics.  Because of the reduced amounts of prostacyclin among diabetics, their red blood corpuscles (the body's oxygen delivery mechanism) become brittle and rigid.  This prevents oxygen from "squeezing" into them.  This causes particular damage to the smallest capillaries and the tissues they serve.  Prostacyclin also inhibits the abnormal platelet aggregation that leads to clots and strokes.

The following supplements may help to enhance the body's supply of prostacyclin.

GLA/DHA oil blend (not included in Life Extension Mix) - Essential fatty acids (EFAs) that reduce abnormal blood clotting inside blood vessels and lowers triglyceride levels and promotes the release of prostacyclin.  Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is found in evening primrose oil, borage oil, and black currant oil.  DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid that is also deficient in our diets.  They make blood corpuscles more flexible, regenerate capillaries, and nourish nerves.  Taking them with adequate vitamin C our bodies makes them more efficient.  Recommended dosage:  9-10 caps or 1 ounce of the straight oil daily.

Vanadium (vanadyl sulfate) (not included in Life Extension Mix) - Because this mineral also mimics the action of insulin, Type II diabetics in particular should be aware of a possible reduction in medication requirements.  Recommended dosage:  7.5 mg 3 times daily.

Ginger (200 mg included in Life Extension Mix) - This herb (prostacyclin inhibitor) also directly inhibits abnormal platelet aggregation and supports healthy cholesterol levels.  Recommended dosage:  500-2000 mg daily.

Other Nutrients to Consider

Niacin - Also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid, this substance has been found to preserve residual beta cell function.  It has multiple benefits for diabetics by dilating peripheral blood vessels and supporting healthy cholesterol levels.  A buffered form is also available.  190 mg of buffered and non-buffered is included in Life Extension Mix.  Recommended dosage:  800 mg twice daily.

Biotin - This vitamin may be helpful in the management of neuropathy and enhances glucose utilization. If you take alpha-lipoic acid and/or the full menu of Life Extension Mix, it is covered in the recommended dose.  Recommended dosage:  5 mg daily in divided doses.

Inositol and Taurine - These nutrients are depleted in diabetics, affecting a number of cardiovascular factors.  500 mg of taurine is included in the full menu Life Extension Mix.  500 mg of taurine is included in full menu Life Extension Mix.  250 mg of inositol is included in the full menu Life Extension Mix.  Recommended dosage:  1500 mg of each daily.

Magnesium - A deficiency in this mineral, common in diabetes, will cause severe vascular damage as well as neuropathy.  325 mg is included in the full menu of Life Extension Mix.  Recommended dosage:  500 mg daily.

L-lysine (not included in Life Extension Mix) - This amino acid has some effectiveness in preventing glycosylation.  Recommended dosage:  500 mg daily.

Other Therapies

Chelation - The vascular complications of diabetes cause thickening, stiffening, and blockage of blood vessels.  Obstruction is caused by free radical activity, lipid accumulation, and calcification.  (The latter may easily be seen on X-rays of the feet, where diabetic circulation is at its worst, sometimes leading to infections and amputations.)

The technique of chelation involves introducing a substance called EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid) by intravenous drip over a period of several hours.  This process is repeated several times (based on several factors including health and financial status; insurance will not reimburse for chelation).  The purpose is to remove calcium deposits, normalize cholesterol levels, and decrease free radical activity, leading to less restriction of blood flow.  This occurs when the EDTA bonds with the unwanted substances and carries them away to be discarded in the urine.

Though the technique is still controversial, more and more physicians are offering this treatment as reports of its success grow (Chappell and Stahl, 1993; Hancke and Flytlie, 1993). While intravenous (IV) chelation is most effective, some smaller preventive effects may be achieved though oral chelation.  These products should contain EDTA to have any chance of success.

Relaxation Therapies/Meditation - Whether they are called relaxation, biofeedback, self-hypnosis, autogenic training, meditation, or any related name, these treatments all attempt to lower a person's stress levels (critically important in diabetes).  Usually, this involves the focusing of attention on a stimulus, sound, or visualization.  Once a subject is in this altered state, blood pressure and pulse rates are reduced and peripheral blood vessels are dilated, causing increased blood and oxygen delivery to deprived tissues. These therapies may be done under the guidance of a professional such as a trained psychotherapist, in a group setting, or at home with books and tapes.  However they occur, they are beneficial.

Acupuncture has been used to treat the pain and discomfort of peripheral neuropathy along with being effective with smoking cessation and weight loss.

Related Disease Protocols
Because of its pervasive effects on health, diabetes must be regarded as a multitude of diseases.  It is recommended that the following protocols be studied and incorporated into the regimen offered in this discussion as appropriate:

  • Anxiety and Stress,

  • Cerebral Vascular Disease,

  • Hypertension,

  • Neuropathy,

  • Stroke.

Duration of Symptoms
At this time, diabetes is considered a lifelong condition.  Most advances have occurred in the areas of home blood-glucose testing, insulin delivery, medications with fewer side effects, and the treatment of specific symptoms.  Therefore, diabetics should take a long-term approach to health care with the understanding that lifestyles and dietary cautions for the general public apply to them with greater urgency.

Self-treatment and management play a critical role in the control of diabetes.  Regulation of diet, exercise, stress levels, and personal habits as well as vitamin, mineral, and other supplementation will strongly affect immediate and long-term wellness.

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