Food / Supplement Company Tricks - 90% Fat Free

Food / Supplement Companies Tricks - 90% Fat Free

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Are They Really Concerned About Your Health . . . or Their Profits?
by Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Research Scientist & Author of Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise

Why is This Okay?
Food companies do it, exercise equipment companies do it, and yes, your good ol' supplement companies do it.  Grocery store shelves are full of products that claim 90-99% fat free.  The infomercial company you bought your abdomen and thigh exerciser from turned out to be pieces o' junk ... they really don't turn you into "Arnold" or a "Bay Watch Babe."  Some commercial and MLM (multi-level marketing) supplement companies fill their 500 mg (milligrams -- a measurement of weight) capsules with 400 mg of fillers/binders and 100 mg of active ingredient and lead you to believe that it contains 500mg of the active ingredient.

Pros Versus Amateurs
The people presenting the information to you are marketing geniuses (or, perhaps charlatons).  They're the best in the World on how to get your money.  Consider them Professional Football Players competing against Pee Wee Football Players (you and me).  Here are a few of the tricks they pull on you ... the unsuspecting consumer.  I'll illustrate with both food and supplement companies.

90% Fat Free
You may have read the claims on food labels that boast each serving is "90% Fat Free."

Sounds like 10% of the calories in this example come from fat.  If each serving contains 100 calories then the fat content is 10 calories.  They love this one because they sell this stuff like crazy to the unsuspecting consumer.

Reality Check
The truth is, food manufacturers base percentages on weight.  The example in the chart below represents packaged chicken.  Each serving weighs 100 gm (grams) or 3.5 ounces.

Ingredient Weight Calories
Water 70 gm 0
Fat 10 gm 90
Protein 20 gm 80
Totals 100 gm 170 calories

As you can see, 90 of the total 170 calories come from fat, which is 53%!  They know we think in terms of calories and not weight.  Yes, the fat in this product only weighs 10 gm which is 10% by weight ... not calories.  By law, they DO NOT have to tell you how they do the math.

Since Food Companies Do It . . .
TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and MLM supplement companies (seemingly) think "Since food companies screw the public, we guess it's okay for us to screw 'em too."

More Concerned About Your Health Or Their Profts?
I'll use a best selling book, The Arginine Solution, as an example to help represent standard practices of some commercial and MLM supplement companies.  Oftentimes when a supplement related book becomes a best seller, most supplement companies cash in on the frenzy.  Unfortunately, most companies tend to skimp on truthfulness and quality manufacturing practices.  As a result, thousands of hopeful arthritis sufferers spent their money on and used arginine (one of the main focus points of The Arginine Solution) without understanding "therapeutic amounts."

Marketing Versus Raw Materials
As it turns out (which is how it always happens when various supplements become popular), commercial and MLM supplement companies try to be first and make as much money as possible.  There is a combination of marketing/advertising costs (huge monies) and materials costs (small monies in comparison) involved.  Unfortunately, materials costs take "back seats" to marketing/advertising.  When you see supplements advertised in TV, newspaper, radio, or magazines, chances are, you're buying low quality product.  As a matter of fact, generally, there is only a trace of active ingredient in highly marketed varieties.  Obviously, their marketing/advertising aspect of their budget is more important than your health.  Sadly, this is one area in my business where I see people getting abused financially, emotionally, and physically on a regular basis.

Coal Tars, Arsenic, Lead, Shellac, Etc.
To save on manufacturing costs, most commercial supplement companies buy in huge volume from the cheapest food grade vendor of the day.  Notice I stated "food grade."  This means you could be consuming known fillers and binders that contain toxic compounds such as coal tars, arsenic, lead, shellac, etc.  Another problem with commercial and MLM varieties is the "short-change tactic."  You are not getting the optimum amounts your body needs of all the micro-nutrients that scientific studies recommend.  Simply stated, most commercial companies do not base their formulas on science.  Their formulas are based on marketing, manufacturing, and advertising costs.  You, the consumer, get to pay as much as an eight times mark-up while consuming trash.  For example, they can legally say their product contains 500 mg of glucosamine when in reality it contains 100 mg of glucosamine and 400 mg of fillers/binders.  They are not bound by law to print what they are doing ... so, they don't.

Fortunately, We Have Watch Dogs
There are independent laboratories that will analyze your bottle of supplements for a fee.  This company, is one the best I've found.

For more information on how they trick you with minerals, click here.

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