Green Coffee Bean Extract, Chlorogenic Acid for Weight Loss/Obesity - Positive Side Effects, Page 1
As seen on the Dr. Oz Show

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Green Coffee Bean Extract, Chlorogenic Acid for Weight Loss - Positive Side Effects, Page 1
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Reduce Blood Glucose and Shed Pounds Fast With Green Coffee Bean Extract! - Page 1
As seen on the Dr. Oz Show
Reprinted by permission from Bill Faloon of The Life Extension Foundation - By Michael Downey

According to the World Health Organization, some 1.5 billion people are obese or overweight.1  Each of these obese individuals runs up to a three times increased risk of death compared to normal-weight people.2

Obesity results in shortening of the life span by an average eight to ten years compared with people at normal weight.  For every 33 extra pounds, risk of early death increases by around 30%.3  Beyond just looking good, shedding extra pounds is a proven life-saving strategy with nothing but positive side effects.

The good news is that scientists have found that green coffee bean extract can intervene in a unique way to inhibit the process behind obesity.

Now recognized as a complex metabolic disease itself and not merely a risk factor,4 obesity occurs when excess calorie consumption overwhelms the bodys ability to expend calories as energy.5-9  Then, the obesity disease process causes further increases in body fat and blood glucose levels.

In this article, you will learn how chlorogenic acid compounds in green coffee bean extract work in the intestinal tract to inhibit the absorption of calories!10-11  Green coffee bean extract also works along multiple pathways to reduce [body] fat12-16 and glucose levels!15,17-27

In a small but compelling placebo-controlled study reported January 2012, a formulation of green coffee bean extract produced weight loss in 100% of the overweight participants -- who lost an average of over 17.6 pounds and reduced their body fat!28

Without changing their consumption of calories, protein, or carbohydrates, or their exercise habits -- a remarkable 37% of participants reversed their pre-obesity status (25-30 BMI - Body Mass Index) back into the normal-weight range!28

Obesity Now Defined as Chronic Metabolic Disease
Recent research placed the overall risks of obesity into clear and frightening perspective:  Scientists concluded that the healthcare costs associated with obesity exceed those associated with smoking!29  With that level of risk, its important that we view obesity as the complex disease that scientists now know it to be.4

Chronic Metabolic Disease= Obesity

As a disease, the scientific community now specifically recognizes obesity to be a chronic metabolic disorder, one that plays a key role in the induction of many age-related diseases and early death.30  Obesity alters the bodys pulmonary, endocrine, and immunological functions.4

For example, a study concluded that adipose (fat) tissue is not simply a passive fat storehouse but an active endocrine organ capable of synthesizing a variety of molecules and releasing them into the bloodstream where they can disrupt the normal metabolic balance and cause a host of diseases.30,31

Scientists have learned that this metabolic disruption and the side effects associated it can trigger diabetes,31 hypertension and cardiovascular disease,30,31 non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD),32,33 liver and colorectal canc,33 and various digestive diseases.32

With these risk factors, it is easy to understand why obesity involves a 200-300% higher risk of death than being of normal weight3 and why the negative side effects of excess body fat may be robbing almost 2 out of 3 people of both quality and quantity of life.1,4

The medical establishments longstanding answer to the obesity epidemic has been more exercise and a balanced diet.  And, body weight often comes down in response to striking a balance between energy (food) intake and the positive side effects of energy expenditure (physical activity).7-9

But the contribution of other factors is poorly understood, and obesity can, in part, be a response to environmental stimuli, genetic predisposition, and endocrinological (hormonal) abnormalities.4

Reversing an obesity epidemic of this magnitude requires attacking it on several fronts, including exercise, diet and novel interventions.  So, scientists have been investigating the safest and most effective/natural agents that might hold the ability to actively halt obesitys underlying process.

Following the Clues to a Unique Obesity Intervention
Extensive epidemiological evidence had previously shown that a high level of coffee consumption lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes by 67%.34  This anti-diabetic positive side effect appeared to result from reduced levels of blood glucose, increased insulin sensitivity, and decreased storage of both fat and carbohydrate.

To scientists, this suggested that compounds in the coffee bean can somehow modify digestion or metabolism.  It also suggested, confirmed by a later review,35 that the anti-diabetic benefit from coffee may stem from a weight-reducing side effect because excess weight is a well-known risk factor for diabetes.

Further research, including a meta-analysis that combined data on over 450,000 people, discovered that decaffeinated coffee provided the same protective effects as caffeinated.36-40

This proved to scientists that coffees ability to affect digestion or metabolism stemmed from non-caffeine compounds in the coffee bean, most likely chlorogenic acid, possibly enhanced by the positive side effects of other coffee bean compounds.

Studies then found that caffeine stimulates glucose absorption, whereas chlorogenic acid in coffee antagonizes glucose uptake.21  It apparently does so by shifting the glucose uptake to more distal regions of the small intestine.21  It also seems to inhibit amylase, the enzyme that breaks down starch into sugar.10

Scientists recognized from these findings that coffees chlorogenic acids represented a potential breakthrough against the negative side effects of obesity.  These compounds may be helping coffee drinkers to prevent diabetes by an inhibition of weight gain which effects a reduction in glucose levels2.  And, the Holy Grail of anti-obesity efforts -- a decrease in intestinal calorie uptake!10,28

Confirmation of this began with a study concluding that the chlorogenic acids in coffee inhibit glucose-6-phosphatase.  In turn, it interfered with glucose synthesis and release within the body.19  This lowers blood sugar levels and promotes weight loss.

This study also found that chlorogenic acid reduces the hyperglycemic peak associated with carbohydrate ingestion.19  This lowers insulin activity and reduces adipose tissue accumulation40 -- both associated with weight loss.  Additionally, research has confirmed that compounds in coffee decrease adipose tissue.13

With increasing support for the weight-loss effects of coffee compounds, scientists then set out to investigate the positive side effects of coffee, specifically on weight.

In a human study, daily consumption of coffee intake caused reduced weight and body fat.41  Scientists wondered if even greater calorie-blocking and weight loss could be achieved by a higher concentration of chlorogenic acids in the coffee.17,18

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Combat Obesity?

What You Need To Know:  Green Coffee Bean Extract Combats Obesity

  • Now known to be a chronic disease,4 obesity raises the risk of death by 200-300%.
  • Scientific research supports that adipose (fat) tissue is not simply a passive fat storehouse.  It is an active endocrine organ capable of synthesizing a variety of molecules and releasing them into the bloodstream where they have the ability to disrupt normal metabolic balance and cause a host of degenerative diseases. 30,31
  •  Fortunately, scientific research has shown that compounds found in green coffee bean extract can intervene to decrease fat13,16 and glucose levels17,19,21 (high levels are both associated with weight gain) and decrease the absorption of calories!10
  • A recent, placebo-controlled human study found that green coffee bean extract produced an average weight loss of 17.6 pounds!28  For 37% of subjects, their condition of pre-obesity was reversed back to the normal-weight category!28
  • These compelling results occurred, surprisingly, without any significant change in calories, protein, carbohydrates, or exercise!28  They support green coffee bean extract as a unique and powerful intervention in dealing with obesity.

Warnings Information:

  • Keep green coffee beans/chlorogenic acid for weight loss out of reach of children,
  • Do not exceed recommended dose,
  • If you have any kind of negative side effects, discontinue use immediately,
  • When using coffee beans/chlorogenic acid, please inform your physician,
  • Results may vary from person to person concerning weight loss and/or obesity.
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