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L-Glutamine - Benefits, Side-Effects, Supplements, Powder - Page 2
by Ivy Greenwell -- reprinted by permission from Bill Faloon of The Life Extension Foundation

Reasons for taking l- glutamine:

  • Supports healthy growth levels (when taken on an empty stomach before exercise or bedtime),
  • Boosts immune system function side-effects-free,
  • Users often report more energy, less fatigue and better moods,
  • Used widely as a support supplement for Crohn's Disease, irritable bowel and leaky gut syndrome, colitis, and diarrhea,
  • Helps with blood sugar control,
  • Pre-cursor to GABA -- healthy brain neurotransmission,
  • Intestine support (particularly if you are a frequent NSAID -- non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs user),
  • Helps in heavy stress situations (including strenuous exercise) or recovering from injury or other trauma,
  • An adjunct for those wanting to curb their alcohol, carbohydrate, prescription drugs, and/or cocaine consumption,
  • Especially popular with bodybuilders, and with those who wish to perk up their physical and mental energy and,
  • Is virtually side effects free and has a mild sweet taste.

Catabolic Stress
Glutamine has been one of the most intensively studied nutrients in the field of nutrition in recent years.  Animal studies show that glutamine is effective against catabolic stress.  L-Glutamine supplementation was shown to improve organ function, survival, or both in most published studies.  These studies also have supported the concept that glutamine is a critical nutrient for gut mucosa and immune cells.

Recent molecular and protein chemistry studies are beginning to define the basic mechanism involved in glutamine action in the gut, liver, and other cells and organs.  Double-blind prospective clinical investigations to date suggest that glutamine-enriched diets are generally safe and effective in catabolic patients.  Intravenous glutamine has been shown to increase plasma glutamine levels; exert protein anabolic effects; improve gut structure and function; and reduce important indices including infection rates and length of hospital stay in selected patient subgroups.

Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in the human body.  In catabolic stress situations, such as after surgical operations or trauma and during sepsis, glutamine is rapidly transported to organs and to blood cells.  This results in an intracellular depletion of l-glutamine in the muscles and the ensuing catabolic wasting effect.  Increasing evidence suggests that glutamine is a crucial substrate for immuno-competent cells.  L-Glutamine depletion decreases the proliferation of lymphocytes, possibly by arresting a critical phase of cells growth cycle side effects free.


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