Lipodrene - Adrenaline Rush Hour Revisited

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Lipodrene - Adrenaline Rush Hour Revisited
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Adrenaline Rush Hour Revisited
by Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Research Scientist/Author

This particular form of Lipodrene contains ephedra (not all do).  Thousands of people are "turned-on" to ephedra related products daily.  Ma huang is the name of the plant and ephedrine (interchangeable with pseudoephedrine) is the active ingredient.  Regular exercisers use it for more fun/intense/invigorating workouts ... aerobically (running, walking, cycling, etc.) or anaerobically (stop and go activities -- weight lifting, etc.).  Ephedra refers to the scientific name of the plant, ephedra sinica.  Ephedra sinica, known in Chinese as ma huang, has been used for approximately 5,000 years for asthma, hay fever, and common cold support.  The alkaloids ephedrine and pseudoephedrine (similar to adrenaline) are the active constituents that come from the plant.

The pros outweigh the cons by far, but I feel compelled to tell you about this since people are eating it like candy without fully understanding the implications.  It's probably the best weight-loss support aid on the market ... truly suppressing the appetite.  If you take more than your body is ready for, it can make you feel jittery as if you've had too much caffeine.  Anyone just starting out should build up slowly.  Some manufacturer's labels recommend you to "dive right in" to ill-advised high doses!

Mental Sharpness, Productivity, and Less Sleep
The active ingredient, ephedra, encourages the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline.  Personally, I notice quicker/sharper thought patterns, higher productivity, and don't require as much sleep.  This new life is wonderful since I've always felt groggy with anything less than 8 hours of sleep per night.  I feel like the "energic kid" I used to be, thirty to ... well ... many, many years ago.

Straight Ephedrine vs. Ephedra
Those who take straight ephedrine (sometimes referred to as nor-pseudo-ephedrine) experience extreme highs accompanied by extreme lows.  Headaches, nausea, dizziness, and insomnia can also occur.  Some power lifters still use straight ephedrine just before their next lift.  The medical profession uses it to start your heart in the event it decides to stop beating.  In comparison, ingesting ephedra extract gives you a slow sustained release of ephedrine.  In other words, it's like taking ephedrine on a timed-release basis.  It's great stuff if you know what you're doing with it.

Is Ephedra Evil and Bad?
Staying uninformed is evil and bad (strickly my opinion, of course)!  Excess stress, pollution, low nutrient intake, too much exercise, etcetera, pushes the adrenal glands past their ability.  Consistent use of ephedra and ephedrine can do the same.  The dilemma -- if taking ephedra regularly over-works the adrenal glands (along with everything else in life), then why am I recommending it?  We need a certain amount of stress in our lives to function.  If we have none, we may never get out of bed.  We need a certain amount of exercise, too.  If we have none, we get fat and die young.  Too much exercise (marathon-ish type activities) can cause "burn-out" and high blood acid levels.  Consider our juvenile athletes who are driven by their parents and society to be the best at all costs or the teacher/coach who uses exercise as a tool for punishment.  In other words, some is good and too much is bad.

Adrenal Tune-Ups
Since the release of this formula in late 2007, people have been reporting a kinship of consuming 2 products simultaneously to that of feelings associated with cocaine use (so they say).  Cocaine users typically experience mood/energy enhancement and appetite suppression, however, at the cost of constantly replenishing it.  Addiction appears to be the main downside of its use ... among other side effects.

The 2 product combo I'm referring to is Lipodrene (w/ephedra) and d, l-phenylalanine (DLPA -- a simple amino acid).  After several anecdotal reports, I decided to use myself as a "guinea pig" while extrapolating the research.  I now have to concur that there is an energetic and mood "high" (so-to-speak) combined with the positive benefits of appetite suppression that lasts for 4-6 hours/dose.  This, also transfers to significantly less expense compared to cocaine use.

As ephedra (caffeine too) encourages the adrenals to release adrenaline into the blood stream, DLPA helps replace it.  Without DLPA (regardless of whether you use ephedra or not), the adrenals are over-stressed due to other reasons as stated above.  Those of you who regularly take DLPA with your coffee understand the meaning of feeling "refreshed and energetic."  Caffeine, ephedra, and cocaine consumption can eventually overwork the adrenal glands and cause adrenaline and dopamine depletion while not replenishing them.  By consuming DLPA, you are helping your body restore and balance all 3 major neurotransmitters nicely -- serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.  Norepinephrine is the brain's version of adrenaline.

Stacking DLPA, Caffeine, and/or Ephedra
Many people take Lipodrene, however, without DLPA ... not a good idea.  They may lose weight but, at the expense of their adrenals.  This type of information is not printed on labels of coffee cans or commercial brands of ephedra related products.  As a result, most coffee drinkers and ephedra users tend to "crash" periodically which can lead to various other health and/or job problems.  Cocaine abusers constantly have the same problem.  DLPA (d, l-phenylalanine) may be the bridge to that gap. 

Why Combine Ephedra and Caffeine?
Double-blind studies conducted over the past 15 years show indisputably that ephedra works great for weight loss support.  The same studies show it to be much more effective when taken with caffeine (included in Lipodrene).  It appears to do this in-part by increasing the metabolic rate at which the body uses adipose (fat) tissue as fuel ... even at rest.  If this isn't good enough, muscle is maintained while reducing body fat levels, according to studies.  Most diets known to man cause fat loss along with muscle loss equaling depressed metabolic rates.

Bonus Round
Ephedrine is one of the best bronchodilator support supplements ever discovered by man.  It is the active ingredient found in many over-the-counter cold and allergy medications.  Unexpectedly, I hear from clients regularly who comment on how clear their head and lungs feel from taking Lipodrene.  I forget sometimes to mention this benefit since energy and weight-loss are main topics discussed in conversation.

Recommended Dose:
DLPA (D,L - Phenylalanine) - Since amino acids compete with one another through the blood brain barrier, begin taking 500 mg (700mg if you do the plus powder) on an empty stomach as soon as you awake each morning for a week.  Wait 15-20 minutes before eating or taking any other supplements since they may contain other competing amino acids.  Each week increase the dose by 500 mg until you max-out at 2,000-2,100 mg per day (depending on the form you take -- caps or the plus powder).  This amount appears to be all we need to keep our adrenals fresh and functioning at optimum levels.  Do not take it late in the evening -- you may have trouble falling asleep.

>> Lipodrene - To keep from experiencing the jitters, begin taking 1/2 tablet the second week of DLPA consumption 20 minutes after DLPA.  Take the other half of the tablet 4-6 hours later.  Continue this schedule for a week.  The next week and thereafter, take 1 tablet in the AM and another tablet 4-6 hours later.  At this point, you've maxed-out.  Don't take it late in the evening concerning sleep ... it may keep you awake!

Ephedra and Exercise
If you're having trouble getting motivated to exercise, this helps tremendously.  And yes, for athletes, performance will most likely be enhanced.

Stop Right There
If you stop taking these supplements abruptly, you may experience lethargy/feelings of tiredness.  If you decide to stop, wean yourself slowly however, I advise continuing DLPA use for general neurotransmitter support.

Personally, I haven't felt this good since I began taking Life Extension Mix 20 years ago.  For the record, I still consume the full menu of Life Extension Mix.  By adding DLPA a few years later I noticed the next energy boost (exclusive of Lipodrene).  Consuming Lipodrene created a energy boost on top of the DLPA/Life Extension Mix boost.  After several interviews with ex-users of ephedra, I discovered most of them quit because they didn't understand it.  They were educated by labels placed on bottles of Metabolife, Ripped Fuel or the many others that contain ma huang (ephedra).  Essentially, the labels recommend you take amounts that make you "bounce-off-the-walls."  It's sot surprising they stopped using it.

Editors note (7-14-08):  Since the release of this formula in late 2007, people have been reporting a kinship of consuming 2 products simultaneously to that of feelings associated with a more enhanced "natural high."  This product is one and the other is d,l phenylalanine.  After several anecdotal reports, I decided to use myself as a "guinea pig" (for the 2 product combo) while extrapolating the research.  I now have to concur that there is a very nice energetic "high" associated with the 2 product combo.  Continued here ...

01-05-10:  Another combination is to consider Aniracetam & Choline with Lipodrene.  For those who exercise and/or lift on a regular basis, this combination can give the user highly charged workouts.  In addition, quicker reaction times and decision making abilities are enhanced when playing sports.

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