Overweight Patients - Healthy Fats (omega-3 fatty acids)

Overweight Patients - Healthy Fats (omega-3 fatty acids)

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Overweight Patients - Healthy Fats (omega-3 fatty acids)

Not long ago, low-fat diet gurus were trying to terrorize people into reducing all fat consumption.  Now that we have witnessed the epidemic of obesity that followed, we know better.  Healthy fats help keep us slender!  They also help protect against atherosclerosis, canc, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and various other degenerative disorders.

Through their impact on important metabolic enzymes, healthy fats increase the synthesis of beneficial prostaglandins E1 and E3 while decreasing the levels of inflammatory prostaglandin E2; they also modify cell membrane composition and fluidity.  Hence, improved blood flow and tissue oxygenation, higher metabolic rate, improved insulin sensitivity, immune enhancement, muscle and bone, brain, and faster nerve impulse conductance result, to mention just a few of the major benefits.

Thus, while in the 1970s and 1980s dietary fat was demonized and presented as being a problem, we are beginning to see various kinds of healthy fat as part of the solution.

An article in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition described a study of dietary fish (Mori et. al. 1999).  Overweight patients being treated for hypertension were randomly assigned to a daily fish-containing meal (3.65 g of omega-3 fatty acids); a weight-loss regimen; the two regimens combined; or a control group for 16 weeks.  Fasting triglycerides fell 29% with fish consumption and 26% with weight loss.  The fish plus weight-loss regimen group showed the greatest improvement in lipids: triglycerides decreased by 38% and HDL cholesterol (the good one) increased by 24% compared with the control group.  The authors concluded that adding a daily fish meal into a weight-loss regimen was more effective than either measure alone at improving glucose-insulin metabolism and dyslipidemia (Mori et. al. 1999).

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