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Personal Fitness Trainer / Health Counselor

I apologize but this service is no longer available.

with Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Author of Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise

As a client, you receive an autographed copy of Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise.

The Best Deal

Three months of Weight Training/Health and Nutrition Counseling -- The sessions are approximately 1 hour in length with a total of 24 sessions.  The sessions can sometimes last longer than an hour and sometimes a little less depending on what you choose to do.

  • The first 8 meetings involve slow progression to prevent soreness and allow your body to become acclimated to training.  Half of each session is devoted to counseling and the other half to training.  These are slow/easy full body workouts.

  • The second phase consists mainly of personal training and/or learning any different physical activity of your choice.  These workouts are a bit more vigorous depending on your level of fitness.

We can adapt the sessions to accommodate you.  I'm happy to teach you or play any physical activity with you I know.  Some of the activities include (but are not limited to) walking, running, cycling, racquetball, basketball, tennis, soccer, or golf (I was a College Professor and taught most sports known to man for 10+ years).

At the conclusion of the 24 sessions we can re-evaluate and continue or discontinue -- your choice.  The cost of this package is $360 per month times 3 months= $1,080.  This equates to $45 per session.  It is payable in advance (bartering is possible if you choose) when we schedule the appointments.

In my experience, "3 months minimum" work best due to:

  • Most people have a hard time sticking to this positive "change in lifestyle" with anything less than a 3 month commitment unless they are disciplined seasoned veterans of exercise.

  • Pre-scheduled/pre-paid appointments motivate you to show-up.  Without this aspect of the program, most people eventually fade-away.

  • Safe and correct forms of exercise are ingrained in your psyche for a lifetime.

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Personal Health Counseling

with Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Author of Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise

You receive an autographed copy of Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise.

  • Arrangements are made to meet at Dusty's office in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Bring a friend or relative for no extra charge.

  • You receive an autographed copy of Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise.

  • We discuss all of the secrets to optimum health paying particular attention to your special concerns.

  • A program custom fit for you is discussed/explained in detail.

  • We measure your body fat and weigh you (your decision, of course).

  • Your concerns are addressed and solved whether it be body sculpting, fat loss, muscular size and/or definition, virus and disease prevention/elimination, strength gains, or simply weight gain without adding fat.

  • We have 2 hours of fun.

  • This is a 2 hour minimum.  It takes this long to cover all aspects of the program.  Anything less than this and success declines dramatically.  Nutritional Supplements are extra, if you choose, at Most Affiliates retail+ another 10% from that number+ another 5% from that number.  Example $100- 25%= 75- 10%= 67.50- 5%= 64.12.

All fees for personal health counseling are due in advance as follows:

  • $50 per hour. Two hour minimum = $100.00

Special note:
All of the above information is covered in the personal health/fitness training package.

For more information on personal health counseling, call 817-335-1982 (outside Ft. Worth, Texas call toll free 1-87SMARTBODYZ), or or email at the bottom of this page.

Telephone Consultations:

with Dusty R. Green, B.S., M.Ed., Author of Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise.

You receive an autographed copy of Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise, and:

  • All telephone consultations are agreed upon in advance with a set appointment and prepayment.

  • All telephone appointments are billed at a first half hour minimum . . . thereafter, each fifteen minutes.

  • Prepayment is required by credit card, check, money order, or cashiers check.

  • The charge is $25 per half hour.

Retainer Special:
The most popular telephone consultation service is The Retainer Special.  Fees are as follows:

  • Pre-payment and appointment required.

  • Three-1 hour consultations or six-30 minute consultations for a flat fee of $150.  Researching a topic constitutes separate time not associated with the consultation based on $50/hour.

  • Two-1 hour consultations or four-30 minute consultations for a flat fee of $100.

  • You are free to schedule your consultations within a week, month, several months, or however you want to do it, however, a $100 deposit is required that will be applied to time spent.

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