Daily Health Supplement Oral Spray by Whole Life Health.
Formerly called: A Physicians Blend  Homeopathic Somatotrophin (exact same company and product - new label) - Testimonials

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Daily Health Supplement Oral Spray by Whole Life Health - Testimonials
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Daily Health Supplement Oral Spray by Whole Life Health - Testimonials.


I have been using your product for about two months now and have already noticed a definite increase in energy.  As an emergency physician, my long hours and constant stress take a lot out of me and my sleep requirement is very high.  I find that I need less sleep than before and I still have a lot of energy.  I will continue to use the HGH in anticipation of the other benefits and I will recommend it to my friends, family and co-workers.

Dr. Justin C. DO
Honeoye Falls, NY

I'm 68, and before I started taking , about 4 months ago, I was suffering from diabetes, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, and degenerative arthritis in my knees and feet. I was on several medications and my husband was worried that I would end up in a wheelchair.  The pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 50! I could hardly walk up stairs anymore.

Today is February 8, 2005, and I feel so much better, praise God.  I've been off blood pressure pills for 2 months, and my pressure is 120/80.  My allergies are 75% better and I'm down to just one shot every 2 weeks, and eliminated 3 other medications.  I am off the pain pills now because the pain and swelling have pretty much gone.  My knees are getting stronger every day too.  My asthma has improved, and my blood sugar level is gradually going down.  My husband and son were so impressed that they are taking it now too!

Thanks so much for calling me because it really was an answer to prayer.

Mary M.
Essexville, Michigan

Dear Quality Blend,
I cant tell you how much this product has changed my life.  I am the mother of 4 children (1 autistic).  I have had back and neck pain for over 10 years.  I have tried chiropractors, physical therapy, exercises, and muscle relaxers, but nothing helped.

I have used  for 8 months now and I can honestly say I have no more back or neck pain.  If I do stiffen up, it only takes a few days to clear up. I will never be without it again.  I'm so glad I started taking this product.

Thanks again,
Nancy O.
Clinton, NY June 7, 2005

Dear Quality Blend,
I'm 65, and I've been taking  for 3 years now. I'm a museum curator, and I also work several jobs at the local elementary school. Everybody asks me where I get all my energy from.  I haven't had a cold in 2 years, and I no longer require therapy for my old back injury. I believe all this comes from HGH.

Thanks so much,
Stella B.
Kaycee, Wyoming

II started taking  in October 2000.  In the first three months after taking I had more energy and it wasn't a nervous energy.  I noticed I was more active than I had been in the past and I felt great.  I was also sleeping much better as I had not slept through a night in over five years.  I was now sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed in the morning.

My arthritic pain had been getting worse with each year and after three months I realized I was no longer having joint pain.  Not even during the change in weather.  Friends began commenting on how well my skin was looking and wanted to know what I was using on my face. Since I had not changed my skin care products I can only attribute this to the usage.

After about six months of use I began to lose weight.  I wanted to lose as much as possible but would have been happy with five pounds.  I not only lost the four pounds I put on in the beginning, I lost the five pounds I wanted to lose and continued to lose a pound here and there.  I have been on it for just over one year and I now weigh within three pounds of what I weighed when I was 18 years old.  I am 52 years old and I feel great!!  My friends tell me I look great and I am recommending your product to everyone I know.

Barbara W.br>Chicago, Illinois

II am 34 and divorced.  Prior to using it I was depressed, overweight and had a poor mental attitude.  My doctor had me on Prozac and Zanex.  I could not get through a day without the medication.  Since using it I am no longer using these medications.  I have lost 65 pounds so far.  I feel good about myself and I have a feeling of peace.  I have an overall feeling of well being.  My energy has returned and my hair is returning to natural blond.  I had a convertible and loved the drive with the top down in the summer sun, which dries the skin and bring fine lines and wrinkles to the face.  Since using HGH my fine lines have disappeared and my more defined lines are softening and are hardly noticeable.  I expect they will disappear in the near future.  Your product is great and I think everyone should experience the wonderful benefits your product offers.  I no longer have to go shopping for gifts.  I now give my family and friends the gift of health -- with !  Just wanted to let your know how well your product works and that I am truly thankful.

Dawn J.br>Des Moines, Iowa

I am a 57 years YOUNG woman.  Prior to using Daily Health Supplement Oral Spray I suffered from a back injury that I received in the 1960's.  I could not vacuum my rugs and I could barely keep my house clean.  After using HGH, I now vacuum my whole house.  I am also cleaning the walls and was able to quit smoking.  After sleeping at night for only five hours I wake up feeling great.  I am no longer suffering from the stiffness and pain of my prior back injury.  I had foot surgery after using the HGH and recovered in two weeks.  When I had my first foot surgery prior to using HGH it took me six weeks to recover.  I love your product and will continue to use it and recommend it to my friends and family.

Pat W.
Cave Junction, Oregon

I want you to know some of the things I am experiencing with Daily Health Supplement.  My self-esteem has risen.  I have a lot of energy.  My hair has stopped falling out and I sleep well.  I get so many more things done in a day.  I know I have other things yet to happen.  I love it!!

Glenda T.
Concord, CA

I am 62 years old and I felt like my life was just about over.  I was tired all the time, no energy, just down and out.  Life was just a hassle to make it day by day.  After I got Physicians Blend  and started to use it for only five days I began to feel better.  I have been taking Daily Health Spray for two weeks now and feel great!  I am telling my friends about it.  My mother is 85 and I got her using it and she says she feels better in only one week.  My son is 33 years old and is into weight lifting.  He's also trying it.  Thank you so much, this is like a God send.

Monie P.
Flora, MS

I have been using Physicians Blend for the past three months and this is to inform you that I truly believe it has proven beneficial to my health in many ways.  For example I have more energy, less lassitude in daily routines and am more motivated.  For someone my age (quite elderly) that is something to be appreciated.

Thank you,
Helen M.
Vallejo, CA

I have been taking Physicians Blend for 3 1/2 months and find myself feeling wonderful.  I saw a friend 500 miles away over the weekend and she said, "Did you get a face lift?  You look 20 years younger!"  I've also slimmed down without dieting.  My skin, hair and nails are looking better.  All in all, it works!  I gave my friend your information and she'll be contacting you.  She is 12 years younger than me and looks 10 years older.  I'll be 68 in November and nobody can believe it!  I love your product.  It's done wonders for me!!

Darlene C.
San Marcos, CA

This letter arrives with praise for your spray.  I purchased a bottle in November 2001 and was amazed with the ease of use.  Many products that I have investigated and used are in messy powders that are mixed with water.  I discovered these powders hardened and clumped over time and some of the powder could not be used.  Thank you for such an easy to use product.  As a Holistic Practitioner, I will be glad to recommend this product to my clients.  The spray helped me to sleep and I have experienced much less pain in my joints from an injury years ago with the use of just one bottle.  This letter comes with my order for more product!  Thank you!!

Victoria A.
Holistic Practitioner
Claremont, CA

Dear ,
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a huge difference Daily Health Oral Spray has made in our lives.  My husband and I are in our 3rd month of using it.  Before we found this unbelievable product, we could barely get around the house because of the stiffness and aches and pains that come with getting older.  My husband had surgery on both knees last year, and was in horrible pain everyday.

Since discovering it, things have changed a lot.  Today, instead of heading for a wheel chair, he's headed out to the garden!  Last week, my jaw dropped as I watched him walk a quarter-mile to the mailbox, and this is the same guy who could hardly make it to the breakfast table 2 months ago!  Fred is 63, but he's getting around like he's 40 again.

In fact, every Friday night we go out to eat with a large group of friends, and they are asking us what we are doing because we looking and feeling so good.  Thanks for your amazing product.  Its been a miracle for us.

Your new friends,
Fred & Cyndi J.

I suffered with clinical depression for many years.  After trying 5 or 6 different anti-depressants, I finally settled on Serzone.  I started using Physicians Blend in the middle of June 2001.  I am more open, talkative and like making people laugh.  Having been put on a lot of different medicines, two of the medicines had side effects of weight gain.  I gained 40 lbs in a month.  I went up to 170 lbs and a size 18.  I started an eating plan and a weight loss program.  My initial weight was 169 3/4 lbs.  My start date on the program was 5/15/01 and I lost slowly.  With the help of the HGH in June I lost more weight and met my goal on 1/16/02.  I went from a size 18 to a 6-8.  I have so much more energy!  I get up at 7:30 am, when I used to stay in bed until 10:00am.  I now fall asleep easier and don't wake every two hours like I used to.

Cindy E.
Bloomsburg, PA

I am an LPN and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr in 1983.  For the last 18 years my life has been extremely challenged because of this disease.  I went through a divorce, lost my husband and home, became suicidal and couldn't hold a job for long because I would be too tired and weak to work.  I did not exercise and never went out.  I felt like I wanted my life to be over and that I was going to spend the rest of my life in front of the TV until I died.

My brother did some research on it and told me about it.  It sounded wonderful!  I received my product and after the 3rd day I already felt better and I had a lot more energy.  As the days went by I was getting a lot of things done and was not turning on the TV.

Now after 3 months of taking Daily Health Supplement Oral Spray I am exercising using the Pilates method.  I am studying again to get my RN status.  I am feeling so strong, capable and thinking so clearly.  I am no longer weak and depressed and I look forward to work.  I have a serious boyfriend now and all of these changes have been just wonderful.  I am now looking forward to the rest of my life for the first time in 18 years!!

Erlene Johnson

I have Multiple Sclerosis and I've had it for 11 years now.  My doctor had me on a variety of medications that included Zanaflex, Prozac, Avonex, and Baclofen.  I had been feeling fine for the longest time then there came a point where I couldn't walk up and down my stairs.  I had to sleep on the couch and someone would have to carry me up to the shower.  A friend of mine asked if I wanted to try your Daily Health Oral Spray and I did.  I have only been using it for about 6 weeks and I can get up and down my stairs now.  I believe in your product and will use it for as long as I can!!  Thank you so much!

Lynette Tunzi
Lake in the Hills, IL

I am 68 years old and have used your product for over a year and I can't say enough good about it.  It's made a new person out of me inside and out.  I've regained the shape I thought I'd never have again.  My skin is tightened and not sagging anymore.  I weigh 40 lbs less than I did 6 years ago.  I recently had a check-up and I'm in perfect health.  My strength has improved which is great because I take care of my 190lb-disabled son.  I've spread the word to all of my friends and they to love your product.

One friend of mine is 74 and his wife is 45.  He's been taking HGH for three months and lets just say they now have a MUCH MORE active sex life!

You keep making this great product and I will keep spreading the word!!

Darlene C
San Marcos, CA

I began using Daily Health Supplement at the beginning of December 2001 with much reservation.  I am a cancer survivor and am very apprehensive in trying anything that has to do with hormones, much less the master hormone.  I immediately noticed that I was able to sleep more soundly and through the night.  In the ensuing week my secretaries noticed that I seemed calmer and happier.  My vision seemed to improve and my mind was clearer.  My energy level has always been substantial but would fluctuate during times of stress.  The stress and energy have now stabilized.

I have had a lifelong challenge with weight.  Keeping that extra ten to fifteen pounds in check has been very frustrating and the older I get the harder it is.  Since taking Daily Health Supplement Oral Spray it is no longer a struggle.  It seems that even if I do "cheat" I do not end up with the five-pound weight gain that I would get in the past.

At first I thought this was all coincidence, but the "doubting Thomas" that I am given a sign.  Last year just before my yearly physical I had developed a huge ganglion cyst on my left hand.  To my amazement it began shrinking. It has now almost totally disappeared!!  I can't begin to tell you what a difference Daily Health Oral Spray has made in my life.  I do believe that all things happen for a reason and am very grateful that I took the time to listen when the opportunity that had been presented to me.

Thank You,
Theresa S.

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