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Resveratrol from Red Wine Extracts with Pterostilbene - 20mg
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Resveratrol with Pterostilbene - Red Wine - Structure, Health / Dose

Resveratrol with Pterostilbene
60 capsules / 20 mg. each

Wine ... no other beverage has attracted the attention of modern medicine like this drink.  The most common source of resveratrol is red wine, a beverage with many health benefits.  Resveratrol, an extract that comes from grapes, vines, and other plants, has been found by researchers to possess certain properties that may be important in maintaining optimal health.  Having isolated this nutrient from organic red grapes/wine, a standardized extract has been developed to create one of the most useful nutrients in safeguarding one's health.

Chemists took wine apart years ago to find out what makes it tick.  Basically, it contains a host of plant compounds.  Unfortunately, resveratrol and some of the other beneficial components got shelved as toxicants and nobody paid much attention to them.  Then, a scientist tried to figure out why the French can eat so much fat and stay healthy.  It turns out that part of the answer to the French paradox is resveratrol found in red wine.

Red wine contains resveratrol, but the quantity varies depending on where the grapes are grown, the time of harvest, and other factors.  After more than two years of relentless research, a standardized resveratrol extract is now available as a dietary supplement.  This whole grape extract contains a spectrum of polyphenols that are naturally contained in red wine such as proanthocyandins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, etc.

Another important aspect of resveratrol is that it may be combined with other phyto-factors to potentially enhance its effects.  Resveratrol naturally occurs with other polyphenols such as quercetin in plants such as grapes.  Quercetin may enhance resveratrol's bioavailability.  The resveratrol used in this product is extracted from organic grapes and is in a natural matrix that includes many other polyphenols.  Another plant extract, indole-3-carbinol, or I3C, is another compound that works synergistically with resveratrol.

Since the most significant amount of research began in the 1990s, resveratrol has been the subject of hundreds of scientific papers, making it one of the most intensely studied supplements on the market today.  Findings from published scientific literature indicates that resveratrol may be the most effective plant extract for maintaining optimal health.

Given all the positive research, drinking wine in moderation appears to be a healthy thing to do.  However, drinking wine is not the best way to go about getting a consistent amount of resveratrol for health since its concentration is highly variable, depending on growing conditions of the grapes and how the wine is made.  If the wine isn't made with organic grapes, it may contain no resveratrol at all.

For the past two years, the Life Extension Foundation has been working with a European pharmaceutical company to produce a high-potency resveratrol extract for low-cost dietary supplements.  The result of this collaboration is a standardized grape concentrate containing resveratrol in an amount suggested by scientific studies to favorably impact health.

In order to make this promising nutrient as widely available as possible, resveratrol has been added to one of our most popular supplements, Life Extension Mix.  This means you can obtain the benefits of resveratrol without having to take additional capsules.  The new resveratrol extract is also available as a low-cost one-per-day supplement.

How Much Resveratrol Is In Wine?
In order to understand how much resveratrol is in wine, one must realize that resveratrol is a natural substance made by grapes and other plants in response to fungal infection.  How much resveratrol is in a glass of wine depends, first, on whether the grapes were grown organically.  Secondly, how the wine was made.  Grapes sprayed with pesticides that prevent fungal infection contain little, if any, resveratrol.  Wines grown in dry climates have less resveratrol than those grown in humid areas.  Red wines contain more than white because of how red wine is made.  The end result of all of this is that organic red wines from certain areas of Europe contain the highest level of resveratrol.  But most wines contain either no resveratrol at all, or very little (less than a milligram per glass).

The only sure way to obtain a certain amount of resveratrol daily is to take a standardized extract.  Standardization ensures a consistent amount of resveratrol with consistent high quality.  The finest resveratrol available comes from Europe.  It is made from organic French grapes known for their high resveratrol content.  The resveratrol is carefully extracted to retain other compounds (polyphenols) that naturally occur with it.  This pharmaceutical wine extract is then enhanced with resveratrol extracted from the roots of a plant (Polygonnum cuspidatum) used for centuries in Asia.  The result is a product that retains the active parts of wine in a natural balance with increased potency and consistent quality.

The Hidden Dangers of Alcohol
Although red wine has been shown to confer some benefits, it must be noted that excessive consumption of alcohol can be dangerous to your health.  Alcohol is the most socially acceptable addictive drug that has life-threatening health hazards.  Alcohol consumption is so ubiquitous that people often don't realize how dangerous it can be.  It is a proven carcinogen.  Smokers generally know that smoking is hazardous to their health yet, most people are not aware of how dangerous alcohol can be if consumed in excess.


Supplement Facts:  Serving Size - 1 capsule.  Servings / Container - 60.  Amount / Serving:

Trans-resveratrol [also supplying glycosides (polydatin)] [from whole red grape (Vitis vinifera) and Polygonum cuspidatum (root) extract]

20 mg

Quercetin (as quercetin dehydrate)

120 mg

Trans-Pterostilbene (as pure Pterospan and SMART pterostilbene)

0.125 mg AKA
(125 mcg)


Other Ingredients:  Vegetable cellulose (capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearate, silica, calcium carbonate, maltodextrin.  Contains corn.  This product contains NO milk, egg, fish, peanuts, crustacean shellfish (lobster, crab, shrimp), soybeans, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, gluten, or rice.  Contains NO sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives.

What differentiates Life Extensions resveratrol?  It provides 100% standardized trans-resveratrol plus a full spectrum of natural compounds from the grape that have demonstrated remarkable biological properties.  Most products currently on the market contain varying quantities of trans- and cis-resveratrol, and fail to provide enough trans-resveratrol for optimal results.  In addition, Life Extension has added pterostilbene, which researchers have found works in a synergistic fashion with resveratrol to activate ones longevity genes.

Research funded by Life Extension has shown that a combination of low-dose (20 milligrams) resveratrol plus grapeseed extract induced many of the favorable gene expression changes seen in calorie-restricted animals.  Other studies, however, have indicated that higher doses may be needed to obtain all of resveratrols positive benefits including:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity,
  • Enhanced mitochondrial function,
  • Reduced expression of inflammatory factors,
  • Protection against the toxic effects of a high-fat diet.

Life Extension has meticulously evaluated published studies on resveratrol and pterostilbene to establish doses people might need to take to duplicate these remarkable laboratory findings. The results of Life Extensions analysis yield a wide range of potentially effective doses of resveratrol and pterostilbene.

Resveratrol with Pterostilbene provides 20 mg of trans-resveratrol plus 120 mg of quercetin to facilitate resveratrol absorption. The pterostilbene content of this formula (125 micrograms) is equivalent to over 5 cups of blueberries.

Dosage and UseOne capsule daily is suggested, or as directed by a healthcare professional.  This product can be taken with or without food.

Warnings Information: 
This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.

  • Keep Resveratrol with Pterostilbene extract out of reach of children,
  • Do not exceed recommended dose,
  • If you have a bad reaction, discontinue use immediately,
  • When using Resveratrol with Pterostilbene extract, please inform your physician.

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