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Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise - Testimonials & Table of Contents
by Dusty R. Green, M.Ed.
ISBN 0-9655254-0-6        Copyright 1997-2019

We apologize but this book is out of print.


When purchased or won, each copy is personally autographed to you (or anyone you choose) by Dusty R. Green

See pictures of the author in action!

One fourth of the book is bibliography:  470 scientific references.  It was written in a non-technical step-by-step fashion making it easy for you to follow.

Smart Eats, Smart Supplements, and Smart Exercise provides the reader a sensible easy-to-follow format.  Lose body fat and tone muscle while enjoying the luxury of "piggin' out" at your favorite restaurants.  Junk foods are even part of the fare if desired.  It's all documented by scientific evidence.

The section on supplements shows you how much, when, why, and where to purchase the highest quality, lowest cost per gram supplements in the world.

Contrary to the popular "no-pain, no-gain" philosophy that many so-called experts in the exercise industry advocate, the Smart Exercise section eases you into a fun, non-sore, heart healthy, body fat reducing, muscle toning, approach to exercise.  Aerobic (continuous movement -- such as jogging) and Anaerobic (without oxygen -- such as safe weight training techniques) are presented in a time/user-friendly manner.

Media Testimonials

"Great interview!  Mixing personality with humor puts Dusty at the top of my guest list."  Ellen Sawko -- Co-anchor for KXII-NBC Channel 12 in Sherman, Texas

"I didn't realize health matters could be so entertaining."  Mike Barger -- Co-anchor KWTX CBS Channel 10 in Waco, Texas

"Dusty did a great job mixing personality and professionalism on our program, DFW Closeup.  Of all the DFW Closeups we do, this was rated our #1 Neilson.  The book is not only informative, it is easy and good reading."  Renee McMillion, Community Affairs Manager for KDAF TV in Dallas, Texas

Client Testimonials

"I started Dusty's program on 12/2/94.  He measured my body fat at 15.1% and I weighed 200 pounds. By 3/5/95 my body fat was 10.5% and I weighed 190 pounds. Two months later on 5/5/95 my body fat dropped to 7.7 % and I still weighed 190 pounds. My cholesterol level has dropped 78 points. Dusty explained to me that as I kept losing body fat, I was putting on muscle at the same time. As of this date, 4/15/96, I have kept the fat off and still have the muscle.  My job is very demanding, however, my income has more than doubled since Dusty has been working with me."  Josh C. Dallas, Texas.

"I wish I had met Dusty at the beginning of my search for a personal trainer. I have spent years torturing myself with insane diet plans. Within our first session, Dusty earned his entire fee. His plan makes sense and is so simplistic that I walked away from that meeting wondering why I had not figured this out for myself. All other methods I tried left me feeling disappointed and frustrated. Eventually the small amount of weight that I lost came right back. With Dusty's plan, I found that I did not lose weight, however, I did lose 2.5 percent body fat and went from a size nine to a size seven in one month. I never felt hungry and ate the foods I love."  Nichole H. Bedford, Texas.

"I feel better all the time."  Billy G., Weatherford, Texas

"I have been very impressed with the knowledge, dedication, and compassion that Dusty has committed to himself, his clients and the general public.  I have been studying health systems on many different levels for approximately fifteen years including herbs, nutrition, bodywork, and yoga. With all of the knowledge that I accumulated over the years, I was still not satisfied with my fitness/health level.  I was not aware that anyone had put together such a sensible step by step process in reaching optimum health until someone introduced me to Dusty.  He was delighted that I had some background in nutrition and health and I was delighted because he knew what he was talking about.  He looks great and was so dedicated to helping others that I had a feeling he knew an optimum approach.  Not only did he teach me reduced time techniques of weight training, he was thoroughly researched in nutrition, has proven techniques of self education for his clients and knows of very high quality supplements. I get to eat more food and more of what I used to think of as junk food such as cookies, candy, and snacks. I have read his book and it is easy to understand and is full of valuable information that is at the forefront of health today.  No one that I have read has put all of it together in one book.  His program works and he has a thorough understanding of how the general population wants to eat and exercise and how to allow us to do it without sacrifice."  Suzanne A., Los Angeles, Ca.

See pictures of the author in action!

Table of Contents
Introduction – X
The Greatest Game in the World – XI


Chapter 1
Smart Eats – pg 3
Dusty's Lowfat Fare – pg 3
I Do Not Have Time To Eat That Often! – pg 4

Chapter 2
Why So Many Meals? – pg 5
Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) – pg 6
Growth Release ... The True Fountain of Youth? – pg 6

Chapter 3
Percentage of Calories From Fat – pg 9
Processed Junk – pg 10
Figuring Percentage Of Calories From Fat – pg 11

Chapter 4
Interpreting Food Labels – pg 13
What About The Percentage Daily Value Column? – pg 15

Chapter 5
Lactose Intolerant? ... Or You Just Do Not Like Milk – pg 17

Chapter 6
Grocery Store Field Trip – pg 19
Carbohydrate Crazy – pg 20

Chapter 7
My Typical Daily Fare – pg 23

Chapter 8
Now Let's "Pig Out!" – pg 27
All That Saturated Fat – pg 29

Chapter 9
More Smart Eats – pg 31

Chapter 10
Low Fat Mania – pg 35
It Gets Easy Quickly – pg 36

Chapter 11
Biological Thermostat – pg 37
Dispelling the 1,500 Calorie Myth – pg 38

Chapter 12
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) – pg 41
Muscle is Metabolically Active, Fat is Not – pg 42
Your BMR – pg 42

Chapter 13
Should I Be Counting Fat Grams Only? – pg 45

Chapter 14
Make Yourself Accountable – pg 47
In Reality – pg 47

Chapter 15
Your Own Little Calories In and Out Page – pg 51

Chapter 16
Reactive Eating –
pg 53
Stay Busy – pg 53
Fast Food Restaurants – pg 54
Doomed To Count Calories Forever? – pg 54

Chapter 17
Height/Weight Charts?  Skinfold Calipers?  Bathroom Scales? – pg 55
Consistency is the Key – pg 60
Fatness Rating Scale – pg 66

Chapter 18
"It's Somethin' in the Water!" – pg 67
Let's Clean It Up! – pg 68
Drink It Wisely – pg 69
Are You Dehydrated? – pg 69
Hunger Can Be Thirst In Disguise – pg 70


Chapter 19
Smart Supplements – pg 75
Pill Organizer – pg 78
Slowly Build Up With Consistency – pg 79
Of Greater Performance – pg 80
Recommended Daily Allowances – A Good Smoke Screen – pg 80
Like ... Let's Get Elemental, Man – pg 80

Chapter 20
The Vegetable or Carotenoid Complex – pg 83
Ascorbate-Citrus Antioxidant Complex – pg 84
Herbal Antioxidant Complex – pg 88
Vitamin B Complex – pg 88
Vitamin-Mineral Antioxidant Complex – pg 92
Amino Acid Antioxidant Complex – pg 94
Mineral Complex – pg 95
Cholinergic Complex – pg 99
Secondary Antioxidants – pg 100

Chapter 21
Supplements For Other Needs Not Included In Life Extension Mix (LEM) – pg 101

Chapter 22
Keep 'em Cold – pg 115
Side Effects – pg 115
Poisonous Supplements – pg 116

Chapter 23
Free Radicals – pg 119
Antioxidants= Free Radical Scavengers – pg 120
Straight From The Horses Mouth – pg 120

Chapter 24
Other Reasons To Supplement Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes, and Herbs (VMAAEHs) – pg 121
Reasons To Take Prescription Drugs and/or Have Surgery – pg 122


Chapter 25
Smart Exercise – pg 125
What Time Of Day Should I Workout? – pg 127
Aerobic / Cardiovascular Exercise – pg 127
Check Your Pulse – pg 128
Do It Cheap – pg 131

Chapter 26
Weight Training – pg 133
Getting Started – pg 134
The Workout – pg 134
Good Form – pg 135
Upper Body – pg 135
Lower Body – pg 142
Seek Variety and Emancipate pg 145
Personal Trainers? – pg 146

Chapter 27
Calories ... Burn 'em The Old Fashioned Way! – pg 147
Bibliography – pg 151
Index – pg 189
Tables and Charts – pg 197
Product Information – pg 199

When purchased, each copy is personally autographed to you (or anyone you choose) by Dusty R. Green

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