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Why is it Okay to Eat Pork During a Swine Flu Pandemic?
by, Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Research Scientist


Pandemic is an epidemic of infectious disease that spreads through populations across a large region such as a continent or the whole planet.  An epidemic may be restricted to one locale or region such as an outbreak.

As I've been following this story, there seems to be a lot of conflicting reports in the media concerning this issue:

  • Why is it okay to eat pork during a swine flu pandemic?  This is called swine flu for a reason!

  • What happened to the bird/avian flu pandemic of 2005?  It's very clear there was never an epidemic or pandemic but they sure scared the s#%t outa' me!  Maybe all those birds flew in a kamikaze manner directly into Wall Street, AIG, our banks, and auto industry simultaneously.  Somethin' had an effect on those folk's frontal-lobes, huh.

  • What about the 1976 swine flu fiasco and how does it relate to this scare?  I really don't know ... I was a college punk ... kiddin' -- see below.

  • Why are N95 flu masks utterly useless at protecting you but are one of the first lines-of-defense?  They're not air-tight by any means.  I guess airborne virus can't get in through the eyes, hand-to-mouth, etc.

  • Why recommend Tamiflu and Relenza as first line defense?  Common side effects include fatigue, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, coughing, headaches and diarrhea.  Aren't we trying to avoid those?  Death, convulsions, and neuropsychiatric problems are others, however, I guess they're not all that important to mainstream media and "big brother."

  • How does an infected bird from North America infect pigs in Europe then be re-infected by those same pigs (cross-species mutation)?

  • How many people have died from this pandemic so far?  150ish?  Hmmmm.

  • Are there real-life preventive measures and/or can the flu be stopped in its tracks if, in fact, you contract it?

Mmmmm ... mercury is soooooo good for our brains!

Why do They Say it's Okay to Eat Pork?
It couldn't be due to the nations already ailing $15 billion pork industry, could it?  If we kill that market along with trying to sell vaccines (loaded with toxic mercury) and Tamiflu/Relenza, then we might just be in a full-fledged depression.  It may be a stretch, but it could be an attempt by Big Pharma to sell drugs without harming the swine industry ... just a thought.  There are many handlers of swine/pork before it gets to you.  The virus could be picked-up in that manner, thus, it is recommended that you cook it to at least the 160 degree mark -- killing the nutritional value of the pork and the virus.  I'm not sure everyone adheres to that recommendation.  In addition, wash your hands frequently whether you are handling pork or not.

What Happened to the Bird/Avian Flu Pandemic of 2005?
The link ... up there, click the link!

What About the 1976 Swine Flu Fiasco?
Dr. Mercola can tell ya'!

Why Wear Masks?
Masks are for keeping your body fluids from getting on others ... not the other way around.  The scientific community knows, beyond a reasonable doubt, that anything influenza-wise is highly unlikely to spread via airborne particles -- the epidemiology just does not fit 
J Hyg (Lond). 1983 Oct;91(2):293-308
and J Hyg Epidemiol Microbiol Immunol. 1990;34(3):283-8.

Why Recommend Tamiflu and Relenza as a First-Lines of Defense?
That was one of the first fear-mongering solutions I heard in the media.  According to them, swine flu seems to respond only to these 2 products.  Obviously, there's no such thought process in the medias' agenda to consider anything but synthetic poisons -- adding insult to injury.  God-forbid that anything on this planet (natural medicine-wise) could be possible antidotes to virus and/or bacteria.

Cross-Species Mutation?
How does an infected bird from North America infect pigs in Europe then be re-infected by those same pigs (cross-species mutation)?  Starting from the roots of this issue, viral fragments have to be combined in a rather complex manner.  That bird (or those) would have to fly to Asia and infect Asian pigs.  Those Asian pigs would then have to mutate the virus again.  This whole time, European pig and bird flu factors are supposedly preserved to become transmittable to humans.  Then, a human in Mexico would have to catch that virus from the Asian pigs and spread it to others.  Whew ... that was hard to write!  And, how-the-hell did they get into the brains of our fellow humans in Wall Street, AIG, our banks, and auto industry simultaneously?  Okay, maybe that's a stretch!  I guess what I'm sayin' is that there may have been human intervention.

How Many People Have Died From This Pandemic so Far?
While 106,000 people die each year from properly prescribed / administered drugs, how many people have died from this pandemic so far?  150ish (as of 4-30-09)?  Hmmmm, seems like Big Pharma genocide would be in the daily news.  Oh, oh, oh ... I get it ... Big Pharma (that has all the gold, etc.) owns our air-waves!  Surely not!?  (That's an exclamation and question).

Can You do Anything to Prevent/Cure this and/or any other Viral or Bacterial Condition?
Well, I think the answer is yes (I personally use them as do others and they obviously work), but unfortunately I can't tell you.  So (as sad as it makes me telling you this), you're on your own with your Tamiflu and Relenza.

Swine Flu Cases Overestimated? -- Reported by CBS News 10-21-09

Update as reported by ABC News/Health 12-8-2009 -- Has Swine Flu Been Oversold?

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