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Vitamin D3 cholecalciferol - 250 capsules / 1,000 IU each by life Extension
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Vitamin D 3 (cholecalciferol) Supplement, Deficiency, Source, Benefits - Dose
1000 IU, 250 capsules

Vitamin D is necessary for utilization of calcium and phosphorus and in many ways acts as a hormone.1,2,3  The two most important forms of vitamin D are cholecalciferol (D3), which is derived from our own cholesterol and ergocalciferol (D2), a plant analogue derived from the diet.  The cholecalciferol supplied by Life Extension is synthetic, but its form is identical to that which is derived from cholesterol and synthesized by sunlight on the skin.  Cholecalciferol Vitamin D is essential for bone growth and maintenance of bone density along with calcium and magnesium.4,5,6,7

A dietary deficiency of vitamin D inhibits the production of the protein that binds calcium in the intestines.  As a result, calcium cannot be absorbed, even if there is adequate intake which is why most mineral supplement formulas also contain vitamin D-3.  Deficiencies of vitamin D are often found in the elderly and in women who have low intake of milk and receive inadequate exposure to sunlight.  Vitamin D is potent in minute quantities; one microgram of cholecalciferol has 40 IU of vitamin D activity.3,8,9


Supplement Facts:  Serving Size - 1 softgel.  Servings Per Container - 250

Amount Per Serving

Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3 - Roche)

1000 IU


Vitamin D plays several roles in bone.  One of them is provoking the osteocalcin gene into action.  Once synthesized, however, osteocalcin needs vitamin K to function properly.

Vitamin D has dominated discussion on bone because it is a hormone that acts swiftly and dramatically.  But the slower-acting vitamin K is just as important.  And, although it doesn't act as quickly on bone as vitamin D, new research indicates that vitamin K may actually be more of a hormone than currently appreciated.

The truth is that although vitamin D has gotten a lot of press as the bone vitamin, bone maintenance requires many factors; among them, parathyroid hormone, estrogen, calcium and calcitonin (another thyroid hormone).  When all of these factors plus vitamin K are present in adequate amounts, the skeleton will be totally replaced every 8 to 10 years with good, dense bone.  If not, problems can occur.

Caution:  Large doses (1400-2000 IU/day) may cause hypercalcemia, a decrease in renal function, and nephrocalcinosis.  Monthly blood tests to monitor serum calcium and parathyroid hormone levels should be done to protect against these health issues.  Those with underlying kidney disease should avoid high doses of vitamin D3.  Although some research indicates that dosages up to 10,000 IU/day are safe, staying below 2000 IU/day may be prudent.  Concerning hypercalcemia, consider the fact that consuming magnesium, calcium, and D3 are synergistic (work much better together than when taken singly).  People with hypercalcemia have health issues that may be addressed by correcting/adjusting their overall nutrient intake/profile.  In other words, most people walking this planet are grossly undernourished.  In addition, consider the fact that approximately 20 minutes of midday sun exposure (at least 40% of skin exposed) equates to absorbing approximately 20,000 IU into the typical Caucasian body.  Those with darker skin require significantly more exposure to get the same effect.

Dosage and Use:  One softgel daily with fat-containing meals is suggested, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.  Do not take with fiber supplements.


Warnings Information:

  • For dietary supplement use only
  • Keep Vitamin D3 - cholecalciferol) out of reach of children
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage
  • If you have a bad reaction, discontinue use immediately
  • When using, please inform your physician
  • If you are pregnant, lactating or have a medical condition, consult your health care professional before using this or any other nutritional supplement.
  • If the effects of allergic reaction occurs, discontinue Vitamin D 3 (cholecalciferol) supplements immediately.

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