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The Evils of Water
by Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Research Scientist

Most of us are Chronically Dehydrated
Problems ranging from low back pain to constipation and headaches can be causative factors for low water intake.  Many of us were raised on sodas and fruit juices to satisfy our thirst.  Even though these have a high water content, they will not meet your need for water intake.  They may even cause other health problems . . . not to mention the excess calories you consume while trying to quench your thirst.

We Are Already Dehydrated if We Depend on Thirst as the Signal to Drink
The amount you consume depends on many factors such as temperature, humidity, and how much exercise you are getting.  If you are not urinating every 3 hours, then yes, you are quite possibly dehydrated.  However, back-down your consumption 2-3 hours before bedtime so you can sleep through the night.  As soon as you wake-up, start hittin' the water.

Exercise and Athletics
A dehydrated muscle can mean a 10 percent loss of strength and 8 percent loss of speed according to Dr. Michael Colgan of the Colgan Institute.  That loss can be the difference between first and last in athletic competition.

Water Retention Will Become a Thing of the Past as You Increase Consumption
Just like fat, the body is finally letting go of that which it is being starved. 
As you feed your body five fist-sized or smaller meals per day, the body does not perceive the threat of starvation and releases fat more readily for fuel.  A similar thing happens with water.  In addition, water is used for cooling, hydration, and helps rid the body of wastes.  The stress on the liver and kidneys is alleviated and they, in turn, are more efficient at processing fats and expelling wastes respectively.

Hunger ... Thirst In Disguise?
Popular media mislead us to believe that we should be consuming soft drinks, beer, sport drinks and more, to satisfy our thirst.  They can, and do, to a certain degree.  Yet, the repercussions can be severe dehydration (particularly, anything containing alcohol) and/or the accumulation of fat due to the calories involved.  Any kind of calorie (carbohydrate, fat, and/or protein) consumed in excess of what you burn turns into body fat.

Tap Water or ... ?

  • USA Government figures estimate that about 900,000 people get sick from USA water laced with bacterial disease,

  • Approximately 55,000 of the regulated chemical dumps in the USA are leaking into the water table,

  • There are approximately 200,000 illegal, unregulated chemical dumps in the U.S.A. leaking into the water table,

  • The EPA in 1993 reported that 819 water systems in the USA had toxic levels of lead in fully treated water.  Has it changed any since then?

  • There are about 60,000 different chemicals in our water supplies of which the treatment stations can afford only to test for 30-40 of them.  That leaves more than 59,000.

Clean It Up!
The way to measure water for contaminants is by parts per million (PPM).  Typical tap water can have 250-1,000 PPM contaminants.  Ideally, we want it to be zero PPM.  Getting to zero is elusive.  The Colgan Institute in Canada reports that distillation can clean tap water into the range of 2-12 parts per million (PPM).  The reverse osmosis process is just as good as distillation and that is as good as it gets.  Bottled distilled and bottled reverse osmosis treated water is also good but, is pricey.  Bottled mineral / drinking water is typically laced with many impurities and is an assault on the environment from an energy "green" perspective.  Ionization and carbon filtering are not that good, either.  Read the label the next time you pick up a bottle of expensive bottled water.  You'll probably discover that it came from your local river, lake, or a source from some water-well.

Distillation Units
Of the 2 best water treatment units that can be purchased, distillation units are the most cost effective.  They can be purchased from various places on the Internet (we do not sell these units).  They range from small units, that make 1 gallon at a time, to large units that attach to your plumbing.  If you don't want to buy a unit that attaches to your plumbing, then you may want to physically take and fill your 1-5 gallon bottles from a water store.  If you use a water delivery service, make sure they're selling you distilled or reverse osmosis treated water.

Note:  Distilled or reverse osmosis water is the cleanest there is, but acidic in pH.  Therefore, I strongly recommend following the recommendations in this alkaline / acid article.


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