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Studies Find Supplement Users Tend to Weigh Less and Experience Less Hunger

An article published online ahead of print recently in the British Journal of Nutrition revealed the finding of Canadian researchers that consumers of nutritional supplements, particularly men, weigh less on average than those who don't use the supplements.  Additionally, a second study reported in the article found an appetite suppressive effect in women associated with multinutrient supplementation.

For the first investigation, Dr. Angelo Tremblay of Laval University and colleagues analyzed responses to a questionnaire and dietary and physical activity diary completed by 267 men and 320 women aged 20 to 65 who participated in phase 2 of the Quebec Family Study.  Resting energy expenditure and body weight were measured, and body density, body fat, and fat mass were calculated.  A subgroup of participants was questioned concerning dietary restraint, dis-inhibition, and susceptibility to hunger (a measure of an individuals ability to cope with feeling hungry).

In the second study, 63 obese men and women with no nutritional supplement use within six months of beginning the study were enrolled in a weight loss program for 15 weeks.  Participants received individualized daily calorie targets, and were divided to receive a multinutrient supplement or a placebo for the duration of the study.

The first study revealed significantly lower weight, fat mass and body mass index among male supplement users after adjusting for various factors, as well as greater resting energy expenditure.  These characteristics were also found among female participants, but were less pronounced. In the subgroup analysis, women who reported that they consumed supplements were found to have significantly lower disinhibition and hunger, while mens slightly reduced scores in these areas were not considered statistically significant.

Although the second study did not find increased weight loss among multinutrient supplement users compared with nonusers, it did find a reduction in appetite among women who used supplements, which could be useful in helping women cope with the increase in hunger that accompanies dieting and weight loss.

Because some nutrients are involved in the synthesis of peptides and neurotransmitters that control food intake, decreased intake of these vitamins and minerals may interfere with signaling pathways involving appetite.  Additionally, sub-optimal micronutrient intake could result in signaling to the brains centers to increase food intake so that the body's needs for these nutrients might be met.

These results strengthen the plausible role for vitamins and minerals in the control of appetite and ultimately energy intake, the authors write.

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