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Bronze EZ (Ezee) Tan Canthaxanthin - Benefits / Side Effects - 80 Caps
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Bronze EZ (Ezee) -- Color Your Body Fat Tan, Side Effects Free - NEW FORMULA
by Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Author / Research Scientist

Canthaxanthin has the ability to darken the layer of body fat just below your skin (subcutaneous).  When taken in the right amount (2-4 capsules per day for most whiteys) it can turn the subcutaneous layer of body fat a bronze or tan color.  It can make most white (caucasian) people appear as if they have a tan, side effects free.  Since it is water soluble, the effects of color can fade after a few days after you stop taking it.  So, if you want "that look" year round, you have to take it on a consistent basis.

Canthaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid found in many different plants and animals.  It is the red coloring of many fruits, vegetables, and flowers, as well as some edible mushrooms.  It gives the pink hue of the feathers of brightly colored tropical birds such as flamingos and roseate spoonbills.  A few species of pink shellfish and some ocean crustaceans such as the red lobster contain this xanthophyll as does the pink flesh of salmon and the red spots on the skin of trout.

Carotenoids are biological pigments that are both the coloring of living organisms and the necessary molecules needed for important metabolic reactions.  They are distributed in leaves, flowers, fruits and roots of plants.  Carotenoids are also found in many animals, especially in marine invertebrates.

They also tend to accumulate in brightly colored feathers of tropical birds.  All carotenoids that are found in animals are ultimately derived from plants or algae.  The beautiful array of orange, yellow, and red leaves in autumn are colored by the carotenoid pigments.  Green chlorophyll is destroyed by the effects of cold temperatures and free radicals, thereby, unmasking the various carotenoids contained in the leaves.

The carotenoids consist of two main groups -- the carotenes and the xanthophylls.  Beta carotene is the most common carotene.  On the other hand, canthaxanthin is a xanthophyll.  A difference worth noting is that beta carotene converts in the mammalian system to vitamin A.  Canthaxanthin, as well as all xanthophylls, do not convert to any extent to vitamin A.

Beta-carotene (C40 H56) and alpha-carotene are responsible for the orange color of carrots and lycopene for the red color of tomatoes.  Astaxanthin imparts a red or pink color to lobsters and salmon.  The term "carotene" refers to carotenoids which contain only carbon and hydrogen (e.g. beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lycopene), while the term "xanthophylls" refers to compounds which contain hydroxyl groups (lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-cryptoxanthin) or keto groups (canthaxanthin) or both (astaxanthin).

Bronze EZ (Ezee) will never replace the golden brown effects we get from sun exposure.  However, it can darken the color of the fat cells under the epidermis (brown/bronze/tan-wise) making us look darker than normal.  It is just a bronze color enhancement and protective factor from free radical damage.

A simple test I always use:  Comparing my hands/arms to others who never get sun and/or never take Bronze EZ (Ezee) ... particularly in the winter.  In my experience, getting a golden tan with consistent sun exposure is superior to taking any canthaxanthin pill ... no matter how many pills you take.

Personally, I wouldn't be without it.  When combining the health benefits along with the darker tan appearance makes canthaxanthin a win-win product.  And, you may even like the color combination you get by combining astaxanthin with canthaxanthin to your daily supplement routine.

Note:  I've been consuming canthaxanthin for about 20 years.  This product does not turn your palms and the bottom of your feet orange like Total Vitality RPM, ASN and Universal products.

Bronze EZee Tan Canthaxanthin -- 80 capsules, 500 mg each.  Each capsule is standardized to 10% canthaxanthin which equals 50 mg per capsule.  The capsule weighs 500 mg, however, the actual amount of canthaxanthin is 50 mg.  Bronze EZ Canthaxanthin is 100% natural.


Supplements Facts:  Serving size: 1 capsule. Capsule weight = 500 mg.

   Amount / serving:
Canthaxanthin 10%

50 mg

Daily value not established   

Other Ingredients:  Rice flour, dicalcium phosphate, FD&C blue #2, FD&C yellow #5, magnesium stearate and gelatin.  Suitable for effects on all skin types & for side vegetarians.

"I am very pleased with the results that I achieved with your Canthaxanthin.  My friends are constantly asking me where I got my golden brown color.  It's my secret.  Please rush me 2 more bottles." - Jimmy D., Colorado Springs, CO

"Being in an office 7 days a week doesn't give me much time to get out into the sun.  My friend Beth introduced me to your product and now I look like I just got off the beach in Hawaii ." - Deloris H., Selma, VA

"I joined the contest "Body for Life" through Muscle Media where you look pale and out of shape, then 12 weeks later, tan and in shape.  They suggest getting on this product to help with the look.  Great stuff!  I didn't win the contest but at least I look fit and have great color." - Earl J., Pearl, IL

Warnings Information:
  • Keep Bronze EZ (Ezee) tan canthaxanthin supplements out of reach of children,
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage for the most benefits,
  • If you have a bad reaction or side effects, discontinue use immediately,
  • When using Bronze Ezee tan canthaxanthin supplements, inform your physician.

NEW FORMULA:  The formula of the Bronze EZee is the same as before with a few minor adjustments.  Gibraltar Products gets the highest quality canthaxanthin that can be obtained.  Canthaxanthin is naturally a blue gray color and we add food coloring to make it a reddish color so it is pleasing to the eye.  As with most foods and supplements we have found that people like to see a certain color when they take or eat certain things, like the reddish color capsule, even though the food coloring does not effect the way canthaxanthin works.  This new canthaxanthin is a darker blue, therefore we would have had to add a lot more food coloring to counter act it.  That is not necessary.  So, no worries as far as the formula goes.  The food coloring just wasn't enough to make the capsule closer to the color it was before.  If you would like to see the canthaxanthin in action take one of the capsules, open it up, and put it in a glass of water.  When canthaxanthin touches water it turns from its dry powder color to its natural reddish color.

Pricing Information:  Bronze Ez (Ezee) Canthaxanthin Supplements

Ingredients/Dose:  Phyto-Bronz (canthaxanthin) | Astaxanthin |
Super Zeaxanthin with Lutein & Meso-zeaxanthin Plus Astaxanthin

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