L-lysine / BHT FAQs - Herpes/Cold Sores Support & References

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L-lysine / BHT FAQs - Herpes/Cold Sores Support & References
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L-Lysine / BHT
FAQs for Herpes
/Cold Sores Support and References

Below are a few questions/comments concerning the use of l-lysine / BHT answered by Tom who is a Research Scientist with The Life Extension Foundation.

Mike asks a question concerning cold sores:  Does the use of Arginine promote cold sores?  I have read articles which suggest that Arginine is used by the herpes/cold sores virus to multiply.  I would appreciate any information you may have on the subject.  I would like to use the Arginine prior to workouts.  Thanks!

Tom Answers:  If you have had herpes (and therefore still have the virus latent within you) then you are best to stay away from l-arginine.  However, BHT and l-lysine can do much to alleviate any herpes/cold sores outbreak. -- Tom

Doug asks:  Is it possible to become toxic on l-lysine or to be poisoned by using it too long?

Tom Answers:  No.  Any excess lysine will simply be metabolized, used as fuel, or excreted.

Judy asks:  I read in Sandy Shaw and Durk Pearson's book (Life Extension) that BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) may be an anti-viral good for herpes simplex (cold sores) in combination with lysine.  I have used this successfully over the years but have read elsewhere that BHT should not be used as it can be harmful.  Is it a safe product to use periodically for a week or so?

Tom answers:  Unless you have a compromised liver or are taking it in large daily doses chronically (more than 1 gram), it is safe enough to take and appears to have some benefits for many things.  I am not taking it currently, but I did for many years.

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