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Colloidal Silver - Liquid, Oral by MesoSilver Colloidal Silver - Cream by MesoSilver  Silver Therapeutic Manual by Ward Dean, MD & Joe Cardot, ND (out of print)
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MesoSilver via Amazon invented by Scientist Francis S. Key

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MesoSilver via Amazon invented by Scientist Francis S. Key.  Instructions for hundreds of uses in Silver Therapeutic Manual (excerpts below - out of print) - Ingredients/Dose $49.99 $37.49

This Mild Colloidal Silver Protein (made from atoms) does not cause argyria with prolonged use at high doses.  Compared to silver made from ions (argyria related -- made electrically by placing silver electrodes in water). Complementary Prescriptions research scientists engineered the following silver products to be effective and completely nontoxic.

Excerpts from Silver Therapeutic Manual by Ward Dean, MD & Joe Cardot, ND (excerpts - out of print)

The mineral silver is a white/shiny metal used to make jewelry, cutlery, and coins ... not to mention the bullets of a certain legendary masked man who rode a horse called "Silver."

Besides all its beauty, ordinary metallic silver has legendary properties.  In ancient Greece and Rome, for those who could afford it often stored their perishable liquids in silver containers since the metal helped retard the growth of microorganisms that caused the spoiling of food.  Prior to the development of refrigeration, it was once common to drop a silver coin into a container of milk to retard spoilage.  Hence, the old saying "born with a silver-spoon" originated from the upper economic echelon.  Privileged people fed their children food on silver spoons to help eliminate bacteria.

In order to use one of the most effective types of silver available, researchers combine silver with protein (mild silver protein - MSP) which enhances the mineral's action.  The protein acts as a stabilizer and enables the silver particles to become soluble.  This action prevents them from combining with each other to form larger particles that would settle out of suspension.  Mild Silver Protein (MSP) is a patent-pending stabilized form of colloidal silver.  It is an excellent alternative support for a multitude of health issues associated with virus, bacteria, and/or inflammation.

It is made from atoms (not ions), has no known side effects, and does not lead to the development of resistant organisms or cause argyria (see below).

Can these statements possibly be true?  If so, why do so few physicians know about it?  To answer these questions, we need to know a little something about the history of silver-based alternatives.

In more modern times, the development of silver-based therapies closely paralleled the growing awareness of alternatives to conventional medical modes.  Silvers action was first documented during the late 1800s.  A few years after Louis Pasteur in France and Ignaz Semmelweis in Hungary began touting the benefits of high temperatures and hand washing, respectively, silver therapy pioneers such as Lea, Crookes, and Cred, began developing early colloidal silver products that appeared to support (anti) viral, bacterial, and inflammatory issues and optimal health.

Side Effects (Ion Silver):  A condition known as argyria can result from consuming silver made from ions.  Many other silver products on the market are created from ions (not MesoSilver).  This well-known effect of an overdose of silver salts appears as a permanent ashen-grey discoloration of the skin, conjunctiva, and internal organs.

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