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Simplex Support - BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) -- Additional Notes 2
by Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Author and Research Scientist

The BHT / Lysine Experience
A Colleague contracted ( ) in 1988 from a former girlfriend.  He lived with the outbreaks (oral and genital) since that time.  In the middle 1990s he discovered BHT.  Prior to using BHT, outbreaks (several clustered ( )1/8-1/4 inch in diameter) would occur like clockwork every 3 months.  After using BHT (350 mg every 6 hours -- 1 cap 3 times per day), ( )still occurred every 3 months but on a much smaller scale.  The smaller scale I'm referring to is about 1/16 inch in size and limited to 1 or 2.  He noticed ( ) leaves quicker while taking BHT -- 3-5 days compared to 1 week+.  After being on BHT for about a year, he added lysine cream to his routine.  He applied the cream to his genitals twice daily and used Super Lysine Plus Coldstick With SPF21 Quantum on his lips twice daily.  Combining lysine with BHT stopped the outbreaks almost completely.  Every 3 months, there was still an occasional blip -- 1 very small ( ) that would heal in a matter of 2-3 days -- a big improvement over using nothing.

In addition to the BHT/l-lysine combo above, the research group, Vitamin Research Products, suggests an additional support mineral called Colloidal Silver.  MesoSilver is one of te best I've found.

The below schedule refers to a liquid product (argyria-free) they make that comes in various sizes.  The information below is an excerpt from their book called Silver Therapeutic Manual -- History and Uses of Colloidal Silver (out of print) by Ward Dean, M.D. and Joe Cardot, N.D.  Silver has indeed a broad spectrum of action and is claimed to kill some 650 different organisms without harming beneficial bacteria.

( ) support -- Genitalis - the 4 oz. liquid; drink 1 TBLS 2 times per day during outbreak.  The 1 oz. size Oral/Topical can be topically applied 2-3 times per day.  Labialis - the 4 oz. liquid; drink 1 teaspoon (TSP) per day.  The 1 oz. size Oral/Topical can be used topically to lesions.  Ocular (if nerves have been severely damaged will not help pain) the 4 oz. liquid; drink 1 TBLS 2 times per day and place 2-3 drops of the Optic formula, 1/2 oz. size, in eye(s) 2 times per day.  Simplex - the 4 oz. liquid; drink 1 TBLS per day.

( )(shingles) - Drink 1 TBLS 2 times per day during outbreak.  The 1 oz. size Oral/Topical should be placed topically on lesions 2-3 times per day.  ( ) Ophthalmicus - the 4 oz. liquid; drink 1 TBLS 2 times per day and place 2-3 drops in eyes 2 times per day.  The 1 oz. size Oral/Topical, if indicated, should be topically applied 2 times per day (therapy should be supervised by an Opthalmologist).

I have no direct evidence or testimonials concerning the silver therapy ( ) above, however, MesoSilver works wonders for me, personally, concerning colds, flu, burns, cuts and abrasions. MesoSilver also makes a cream that I've read is great for your skin.

Editors note (7-15-08):  After several anecdotal reports from customers/clients, in addition to the BHT/lysine factors, there appears to be a relationship to an "acid-state" in the body and a high incidence of ( )/cold ( )related outbreaks.  While extrapolating the research, I discovered an additional factor that may relate to ( ) suppression.  As I continue to do research in this arena, creating an alkaline environment in the body suggests a positive relationship to the suppression of this virus (not to mention other disease states).  For further reading ...

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