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The Power of Ephedr and Caffeine
by Dusty R. Green, M.Ed., Research Scientist/Author

Edwin H. Ford, M.D. and Larry S. Hobbs comment in their book, Ephedr and Caffeine — The Ideal Diet Pill? -- The combination of ephedr and caffeine appears to be the best weight management product available today!

It's cheap . . . it's effective.  And, despite news reports to the contrary, it's safe!  The combination of ephedr and caffeine helped women lose twice as much fat and three quarters less muscle when compared to dieting alone.  And, it seems to increase levels of protective HDL cholesterol and improve insulin sensitivity with long-term use.  Although adverse effects are common with initial use, they decrease dramatically with continued use.

Dusty R. Green, Research Scientist states, I have been self-experimenting with the product called off and on for several years.  At first, I didn't like it.  I took too much which made me feel anxious and jittery ... as if I had way too much coffee.  Too much for me happened to be 1 tablet.  So, I started taking 1/2 tablet in the morning accompanied with an energetic feeling that lasted 4-6 hours without the jitters.  Over the years, I have been able to slowly increase the dose to 1 tablet in the morning on an empty stomach.  I have not had to increase the dose to get the same results.  For me, 1 capsule in the AM lasts me most of the day, particularly when combined with d, l-phenylalanine (DLPA -- a simple amino acid).  It has become one of my favorite supplements due to the combined effects stated below.  Now that I have found the right dose for me (dose seems to vary among the population), I feel mentally sharp and perform better athletically.  The difference really shows when I exercise and haven't had my dose.  This product is not needed to drop body fat if you follow a sensible eating plan.  Others I counsel have dropped significant body fat without it.  Experimenting with body fat is a big part of my job and, therefore, I may be an exception to this rule.  Some people like the assist for dropping body fat that provides.  Nothing beats it when it comes to appetite suppression.  I have also counseled many people over the years concerning the ephedr /phenylalanine combo.  The people who love it are the people who have very slowly increased the dose similar to the way explained above.  The people who hate it are the people who overdose in the early stages.  The label on Metabolife, and Twin Lab's Rip Fel, among others, encourage us to take way too much, hence, the people who hate it.  If you decide to try this for weight-loss, athletic enhancement, or a mental boost, be sensible with it.  It can truly become one of your favorites too."

Study Confirms Ephedr's Potential For Dieting Americans:
International Obesity Medical Journal Publishes Data

To: National Desk, Science and Medical Reporters
Contact: Richard Price for the Ephedr Education Council, 202-789-1447 or 877-846-6324,

WASHINGTON, May 2 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Overweight men and women seeking healthier lifestyles through proper nutrition, exercise and use of herbal supplements just received good news about dietary supplements containing Ephedr.  The most comprehensive study on Ephedr to date, conducted by researchers at the prestigious Harvard and Columbia Universities, confirms the safety and benefits of Ephedr dietary supplements in healthy Americans when used as directed.  The study reiterates the need for appropriate serving limits, warnings, and precautions for Ephedr dietary supplements that responsible industry manufacturers and distributors are using and advocating.

Doctors Boozer and Daly concluded in their published study that "...herbal ephedr/caffeine herbal supplements, when used as directed by healthy overweight men and women in combination with healthy diet and exercise habits, may be beneficial for weight reduction without significantly increased risk of adverse events."

The new study on Ephedr safety and effectiveness is published in the May issue of The International Journal of Obesity, a respected British medical journal.  Study authors, Dr. Boozer and Dr. Patricia Daly (formerly from Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School (news - web sites), tested 167 subjects in a double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial.  Participants took an herbal combination of Ma Huang (Ephedr) and Kola Nut (a source of caffeine) at a daily serving level of 90/192 mg (ephedr alkaloids/caffeine, two tablets, three times a day) for a period of six months and were counseled on proper nutrition and exercise.

"Losing 11 to 12 pounds, as this study indicated, can have a dramatic effect on reducing the serious health risks of being overweight.  This new study is important not only because it showed increased weight loss support over diet and exercise alone, but because its results are consistent with those of previous studies.  Beneficial effects on body composition and healthy cholesterol support were produced without causing significant adverse side effects.  This study helps confirm that otherwise healthy Americans have choices to help them with their weight," concluded Steven Dentali, PhD., vice president for Scientific & Technical Affairs, American Herbal Products Association.



Editors note (7-14-08):  Since the release of this formula in late 2007, people have been reporting a kinship of consuming 2 products simultaneously to that of feelings associated with a more enhanced "natural high."  This product is one and the other is d,l phenylalanine.  After several anecdotal reports, I decided to use myself as a "guinea pig" (for the 2 product combo) while extrapolating the research.  I now have to concur that there is a very nice energetic "high" associated with the 2 product combo.  Continued here ...

01-05-10:  Another combination to consider is Aniracetam & Choline with .  For those who exercise and/or lift on a regular basis, this combination can give the user highly charged workouts.  In addition, quicker reaction times and decision making abilities are enhanced when playing sports.

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